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Aebersold Vol. 3 - The II/V7/I Progression for Guitar
Aebersold Vol. 3 - The II/V7/I Progression for Guitar.

Aebersold Vol. 3 - The II/V7/I Progression for Guitar

  • ISBN: 978-1-56224-298-5
  • Editorial: Aebersold
  • Colección: Aebersold Jazz Guitar Series, Número 3
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Formato: 21x28
  • Páginas: 68
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Tipo: LIBRO (incluye CD)
  • código del editor: V03G


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Contiene CD

Book and 2 CDs adapted by Cory Christiansen. Building on the success and popularity of "Vol. 1 - Jazz Guitar" and "Vol. 2 - Nothin' But Blues for Guitar", Corey Christiansen has adapted another classic, "Vol.3 The II/V7/I Progression" for guitar.

As with the previously mentioned adaptations, this one uses both standard and TAB notation and is correlated closely to the original edition, but speaks directly to the aspiring jazz guitarist and addresses all of the important techniques and concepts used by jazz guitar legends to solo and comp over II/V7s.

Completion of this easy-to-understand volume will have you ready to play any song that contains II/V7s, including most songs of the Bebop and the Great American Songbook era.

Includes 2 CDs of trio accompaniment and demonstration tracks plus free bass-and-drum-only mixes available online that allow you to "sit in" and practice without the recorded guitarist present.


Introduction To The II-V7-I Progression
CD Demonstration Tracks #10 through #12
The Scale Syllabus
II/V7/I In All Keys
Strings & Scale Patterns
Dominant 7th Tree Scale of Choices
The Bebop Scale
Lydian Dominant
Diminished Half-Whole
Diminished Whole-Tone
Spanish or Jewish Scale / Phrygian Dominant
Chromatic Scale
Comping (Accompaniment)
Good II-V7-1 Voice Leading
Minor II-V7-1
Suggested Listening - Jazz Guitarists
Songlist For Beginners

#1 -- II-V7-I All Major Keys
#2 -- II-V7 Random Progression
#3 -- V7+9/I (Al¡ Keys)
#4 -- OV7+9/I (Al¡ Minor Keys)
#5 -- G Minor Blues
#6 -- Bebop Tune
#7 -- II/V7/I Three Keys
#8 -- F Blues with 8-Bar Bridge
#9 -- II-V7-I (in C Major)
#10 -- II-V7-I Patterns in C Major (Exercises 1-72)
#11 -- Patterns for V7#9/I in F Major (Exercises 1-31)
#12 -- Patterns for O-V7#9-I in C Minor (Exercises 1-17)
#13 -- Tuning Notes (High)E B G D A E(Low)

Tracks 1-15, II-V7-I (Each track is a different major key)
Tracks 16 & 17 Rhodo Motion (slow and faster versions)
Track #18 Tuninq Notes (High)E B G D A E (Low)

Pattern and Exercises:
Patterns & Exercises Introduction
Patterns for II-V7-I All Major Keys (CD 1, Tracks 9 and 10)
Patterns for II-V7-I Random Progression (CD 1, Track 2)
Patterns for V7#9/I in F Minor (CD 1, Track 11)
Patterns for O-V7#9-I in C Minor (CD 1, Track 12)