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Aebersold Vol. 1 - How to play and improvise Jazz (For Jazz Guitar). 9781562242831
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Aebersold Vol. 1 - How to play and improvise Jazz (For Jazz Guitar)

Aebersold. 2012

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  • EAN: 9781562242831
  • ISBN: 978-1-56224-283-1
  • Editorial: Aebersold
  • Fecha de edición: 2012
  • Encuadernación: Espiral
  • Dimensiones: 22x28
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Nº páginas: 121

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Spiral Book and CD!

Why should horn players have all of the fun? Now, the number one selling Jazz Improvisation book in the world has a whole new look! Introducing a new version of Jamey's world famous "Volume 1 - How To Play Jazz And Improvise," completely revised and specifically tailored for guitarists by jazz great Corey Christiansen! This edition is perfectly aligned with the original classic Sixth Edition that introduced tens of thousands of musicians to essential jazz fundamentals such as scale/chord relationships, articulation, note choices, etc. In this special version, however, the text has been carefully edited and rewritten to speak specifically to guitarists. Even non-reading players will benefit, because we've also included TAB and FRAMES for each of the musical examples. The piano track from the original CD has been replaced by Corey on guitar, and many of the chords and voicings are explained and notated in the book. The play-a-long/demonstration CD includes special stereo separation, allowing the guitar on each track to be eliminated so that the student can play along with bassist Rufus Reid and drummer Jonathan Higgins. This high-quality book is spiral bound, designed to lie flat for ease of use. A complete package!


Read This First
Additional Resources
Aebersold Play-A-Long List
articulations: How To Better Express Yourself
Beats 1 And 3 Are Most Important In BuildinQ Melodies
Bebop Scale
Bebop Scale Construction
Beginning To Improvise For The First Time
Blues Conclusion
Blues Scale And Its Use
Check List For Improvising
Circle of Fourths
Comping (Accompaniment)
Concert Key "Blues" Melodies
- Hub Caps
- Pentatonic Blues
- The Roving Third
- Five O'Clock Blues
- Slippery Blues
Cicle of Dominant 7ths
Developing Creativity
Diminished Scales
Diminished Whole Tone Scales
Dominant 7th Tree of Scale Choices
Ear Training
EiL-hth Note Exercises And Swing
Elements Which Produce Release (Relaxation)
Elements Which Produce Tension Essential Discography
Extending Your Range
F-7. Eb-7, D-7 (4 Bars Each)
Four Measure Cadences (II/V7/I)
Pattern or Idea
Half-Diminished Scales
How To Begin Playing With The Recording
How To Use
Introduction To The Scale Syllabus
Major. Dominant 7thAnd Minor Scales
- The 12 Major (Ionian) Scales To The 9th
- The 12 Dominant 7th (Mixolydian)
Scales To The 9th
- The 12 Minor (Donan) Scales To The 9th
Melodic Development - Tension And Release
Minor To Dorninant 7th (II/V7)
Music Fundamentals To Keep In Mind
When Improvising
Music Students Plea
Pentatonic Scale And lts Use
Pentatonic Scales Found Inside Major Scales
Play-A-Long CD Practice Tracks
- CD Track # 1 - Tuning Notes
- CD Track #2 - F-7, Eb-7, D-7 8 Bar Phrases
- CD Track #3 - F-7, Eb-7, D-7 4 Bar Phrases
- CD Track #4 - Random Minors 8 Bar Phrases ....
- CD Track #4 - Random Minors 4 Bar Phrases ....
- CD Track #6 - 4 Measure Cadences (II/V7/I)
- CD Track #7 - Blues In Key of Bb
- CD Track #8 - Blues In Key of F
- CD Track #9 - Cycle of Dominant 7th Chords
- CD Track # 10 - 24 Measure Song
- CD Track #11 - Minor To Dominant (II/V7/I)
Playing The Blues
Points To Keep In Mind When Improvising
Practical Exercises And Suggestions
For The Play-A-Long Recording Tracks
Practice Procedure For Memorizing Scales
And Chords To Any Song
Recommended Transcribed Solo Books
Related Scales And Modes II/V7/I
Right Brain - Left Brain
Scale Syllabus
Scales Within The C Major Scale
Seventh Chords
Song List For Beginners
Standard Jazz Tune List
Starting A Phrase or Melody
Suggesting Listening - Jazz Guitarists
Ten Basic Pattems - Preparatory Exercises
- Major
- Dorninant 7th
- Minor (Dorian)
- Exercises on The Blues Scale
Things To Keep in Mind
Time And Feeling
Tune Learning
Twelve Blues Scales
What Does "To Hear" Really Mean?
Whole Tone Scales

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