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Aebersold Vol. 2 - Nothin' But Blues (For Jazz & Rock Guitar)
Aebersold Vol. 2 - Nothin' But Blues (For Jazz & Rock Guitar).

Aebersold Vol. 2 - Nothin' But Blues (For Jazz & Rock Guitar)

  • ISBN: 978-1-56224-297-8
  • Editorial: Aebersold
  • Colección: Aebersold Jazz Guitar Series, Número 2
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Formato: 21x28
  • Páginas: 74
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Tipo: LIBRO (incluye CD)
  • código del editor: V02G


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Contiene CD

Now with free downloadable "bass and drum only" play-along tracks in addition to the guitar trio on the CD!!

Adapted by Corey Christiansen. Jamey’s guitar adaptation of his famous “Volume 1 - How To Play Jazz” (product code V01G) is so revered by guitarists, Jazz great Corey Christiansen has now adapted Jamey’s “Vol. 2 - Nothin But Blues” for Guitar, as well. Formatted exactly like the Vol. 1 How To Play Jazz for Guitar book, Vol. 2 includes all of the scales and basic info you need to get started in Jazz/Rock Blues with TAB and Frames for the non-reading guitarist plus brand new BONUS tracks not found in the original Volume 2. Tracks include many different blues grooves, including slow, fast, swing, bossa, jazz-rock, funk, shuffle, etc. This Guitar edition is aligned exactly with the original Volume 2, Nothin' But Blues so educators can use it in a class room situation. As a bonus to the CD, all tracks are available for free online with bass and drums only, so you can "sit-in" without the guitar.


Introduction To "Nothin' But The Blues"
Observations On The Blues
Soloing by Jamey Aebersold
Playing The Blues
- "Bird" Blues
- Minor Blues
- Blues Melodies
The Blues Conclusion
Famous Jazz Guitar Recordings Scales
The Blues Scale And Its Use
Twelve Blues Scales
Pentatonic Scale And Its Use
The Bebop Scale
Major, Dominant 7th, and Minor Scales
The 12 Dominant 7th (Mixolydian) Scales To 9th
The 12 Minor (Dorian) Scales To The 9th
Whole-Tone Scales (Augmented)
Diminished Scales
Diminished Whole-Tone Scales
Half-Diminished Scales
Ten Basic Patterns - Preparatory Exercises
- Major
- Dominant 7th
- Minor (Dorian)
- Exercises On The Blues Scale
Circle Of Fourths
Typical Blues Licks
Comping (Accompaniment)
Minor To Dominant To Tonic Voicings

Chord progressions to the recorded tracks
- Track #2 - "Mr. Super Hip"
- Track #3 - "Modal Blues"
- Track #4 - "Slow Blues In F '
- Track #5 - "Fast Blues In Bb"

Historically Significant Recordings
- Track #6 - "Long-Meter Jazz/Rock"
- Track #7 - "Horne Stretch''
- Track #8 -"Horizontal ''
- Track #9 - "Slow Blues In G"
- Track #l0 -"Fast Blues In F"
- Track #11 - "Minor Blues In C"
- Track #12 - "Bird Blues"
- Track #13 - "Shanghai Blues"
- Track #14 - "Jazz Forever"
- Track #15 - "Boogaloo Beat"
- Track # 16 - "Green Tea"
- Track #17 - "SJW Blues"

Song List For Beginners
Standard Jazz Tune List