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  • ISBN: 74612
  • Editorial: Liquen Records
  • Encuadernación: Plástico
  • Formato: 14x13
  • Páginas: -
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Tipo: DISCO
  • código del editor: LRCD006

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Chaosophy. Who are these people and what do they believe in?

CHAOSOPHY is a free improvisation ensemble composed by the musicians El Pricto, Josep Lluís Galiana and Avelino Saavedra. All of them have spent decades on the national and international scene of free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and sound experimentation. After more than five years acting and collaborating together, they have decided to publish their first album.

WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE AND WHAT DO THEY BELIEVE IN? were made on December 5th 2017 at the Shark Estudios, Paterna, València, Spain. Recorded by Julio Valdeolmillos. Mixed by Avelino Saavedra and El Pricto. Mastered by Avelino Saavedra. Produced by Josep Lluís Galiana.


1. Eristocracy
2. The Myth Of The Nipples
3. If You Can’t Be Right At Least Be Loud
4. The Only TRUTH In The Multiverse Is That SHIT HAPPENS
5. It Is Their Firm Belief That It Is A Mistake To Hold Firm Beliefs

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