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The Music of the Silent Films, piano solo
The Music of the Silent Films, piano solo.

The Music of the Silent Films, piano solo

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  • ISBN: 978-1-78038-681-2
  • Código del editor: AM1005114
  • Editorial: Wise Publications
  • Encuadernación: Cartoné con sobrecubierta
  • Formato: 23x31
  • Páginas: 255
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • código del editor: AM1005114


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La música del cine mudo, para piano solo.

50 original pieces and arrangements for solo piano with authoritative text, film stills & photographs (skill level: high).

This book tells the extraordinary story of the rise and abrupt fall of silent movie music and includes 50 original pieces and arrangements for Solo Piano, allowing you to play scores inspired by what is arguably the golden era of film music. era, The Music Of The Silent Films boasts specially selected pieces that evoke a range of mood music genres, representing a number of composers.

Not only does this book comprise an eclectic collection of Piano scores, it also features film stills and stunning photography to accompany a fascinating introduction to this precedential era of "sight and sound". Further to this, a short guide to how to use the music to create your own silent film scores is sure to help you bring a new dimension to your playing, and might even help to revive a lost art!

During the pre-talkie period of 1915–1927, live musical "photoplay" accompaniment was required in movie theatres great and small, giving work to an army of musicians. To help the solitary pianists run the gamut of musical emotions, night after night, music publishers produced a wealth of scores with selections of printed music chosen to match a range of on-screen moods and activities. The Music Of The Silent Films includes short biographies of some of the leading composers of the genre, as well as detailed descriptions of the most popular "moods" used, helping you not only to play the pieces but learn more about sound and cinema at the same time.

Perfect for any pianist interested in silent films, film composition, or just wanting a diverse range of original pieces, The Music Of The Silent Films is a collection of fantastic arrangements, and a guide to a fascinating period of musical history.


-A Chinese Tragedy (Maurice Baron)
-A Festive Gathering (Maurice H. Jacquet)
-A Marionette's Romance (Norman Leigh)
-Agitato No. 3 (Otto Langey)
-Allegro Perpetuo (Domenico Savino)
-Allegro Precipitoso (Domenico Savino)
-Allegro Scintillante (Leo A. Kempinsky)
-Amaryllis (Albert W. Ketelbey)
-Andante Cantabile (Christopher O'Hare)
-Andante Dramatico (Gaston Borch)
-Appassionato No.1 (Erno Rapée & William Axt)
-Arabian Nights (Albert W. Ketelbey)
-Battle Music (Hugo Riesenfeld)
-Betrayed (Leo A. Kempinsky)
-Comedy Excitement (J. S. Zamecnik)
-Dashing Cowboy (Morris Aborn)
-Dramatic Andante No.1 (Erno Rapée & William Axt)
-Gaiety (Domenico Savino)
-Happy Bohemians (William Axt)
-Hurry No. 2 (Otto Langey)
-Hurry No.3 (Otto Langey)
-Impending Danger (Leo A. Kempinsky)
-In Despair (Irénée Bergé)
-Indian War-Dance (Irénée Bergé)
-Into The Unknown (Gerard Carbonara)
-Jollity (J. S. Zamecnik)
-June Moon (Bernard Fenton)
-Kiki (Domenico Savino)
-Love's Awakening (Albert W. Ketelbey)
-Miss Mischief / Caprice d'Amour (Leo A. Kempinsky)
-Misterioso (J. S. Zamecnik)
-Pomp And Pageantry (Schertzinger, Victor L.)
-Recitative No.1 (Erno Rapée & William Axt)
-Remorse (W. W. Lowitz)
-Reproach (J. S. Zamecnik)
-Sinister Misterioso (Irénée Bergé)
-Solemn Scenes From Nature (Christopher O'Hare)
-Storm, Strife Or Tempest (Charles Ancliffe)
-Sunset (Charles Ancliffe)
-Terreur (Maurice Baron)
-The Bold Riders (Gerard Carbonara)
-The Creepy Creeps (Gaston Borch)
-The Flight (Domenico Savino)
-The Hobbling Hobo (Irénée Bergé)
-The Jesters (Gerard Carbonara)
-The Village Clown (William Axt)
-The Village Cut-Up (William Axt)
-Treacherous Knave (J. S. Zamecnik)
-Valse Mimi (William Axt)
-Violence (J. S. Zamecnik)

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