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Carnaval Op.9, Piano
Carnaval Op.9, Piano.

Carnaval Op.9, Piano

  • ISBN: 979-0-014-07709-9
  • Código del editor: EP9503
  • Editorial: Peters
  • Páginas: 48
  • código del editor: EP9503


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Robert Schumann's 'Carnaval' is much more than a set of character pieces and musical portraits, it is in fact also a work of ingenious orthographies. Schumann realized that the name of his fiancée's hometown,  Asch', could be translated into notes according to the German reckoning of pitch names:  A' became A natural,  S' (Es) E flat,  C' C natural, and  H' B natural. Moreover, when the letters are rearranged to S-C-H-A, they became symbolic of his own name  SCHumAnn'. Each of the pieces in