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Shred Guitar Soloing Compilation: Three comprehensive shred guitar soloing books in one definitive edition. 9781789331974

Shred Guitar Soloing Compilation: Three comprehensive shred guitar soloing books in one definitive edition

; Fundamental Changes. 2020

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  • EAN: 9781789331974
  • ISBN: 978-17-89331-97-4
  • Editorial: Fundamental Changes
  • Fecha de edición: 2020
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Dimensiones: 21,5x28
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Nº páginas: 320


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"Three Bestselling Shred Guitar Soloing Books in One Definitive Edition

Ultimate Shred Machine, Rock Guitar Mode Mastery, Shred Guitar Improvisation

Legendary YouTube teacher, Shred-Jedi and Metal-Meister Chris Zoupa brings together his three bestselling soloing guides in one phenomenal edition! 320-pages of mind-melting licks and over 300 audio tracks to download for FREE.

Ultimate Shred Machine

Forget vanilla "safe space' guides and make way for the Ultimate Shred Machine - the ultimate guide to shred guitar picking, tapping and sweeping! In this no-nonsense guide to shred guitar, Chris Zoupa cuts through the mystery and misinformation that shrouds guitar technique, and expertly guides you through the essential skills that'll super-charge your rock guitar playing.

What you'll learn: How to play flawless shred guitar, taught in an easy-to-follow manner. The secrets of fast alternate picking guitar technique. How to sweep-pick arpeggios the right way and avoid common mistakes. Legato guitar technique in the styles of Satriani, Govan and Gilbert. Exotic scale runs in the styles of Malmsteen, Skolnick and Laiho. Neo-classical metal guitar exercises and licks. Simple to advanced guitar tapping techniques. Over 100 exercises and guitar licks with FREE supporting audio to download. Great tips on guitar tone and the use of distortion.

Rock Guitar Mode Mastery

A comprehensive guide to the modes that shows how to creatively apply them to rock and shred metal guitar. This book enables you to get right inside the music, understand how those rock and metal guitar parts are constructed, and begin to create your own. Chris Zoupa's no-nonsense, common sense guide shows us how to use each mode in its correct context. Throughout this book the focus is on making great music, not simply acquiring knowledge.

What you'll learn: A clear guide that cuts through the confusion many have about modal guitar playing. Scales, pentatonic patterns and arpeggios for each mode. How the great rock and metal players use the modes to compose and improvise solos. Licks in the style of Kirk Hammett, Michael Paget, Mark Tremonti, Alex Skolnick, Slash, Alexi Laiho, Paul Gilbert and many more! Creative ways of using modes so they don't sound like boring scales, along with numerous shred technique such as alternate picking, legato, sweep picking and tapping.

Shred Guitar Improvisation

In Shred Guitar Improvisation, you'll learn the essential knowledge you need to cover a huge variety of playing situations. You'll also build your shred guitar vocabulary with hundreds of creative licks! Chris Zoupa shows you tons of different ways of varying scales and shred sequences to keep them surprising, exciting and unpredictable.

Creative Shred guitar techniques you'll learn: Essential harmony and chord theory. Scale and arpeggio choices to play over diatonic chords. Scale and arpeggio choices for non-diatonic chords. Powerful licks for every scale/arpeggio in the book. How to solo with chord fragments. How to break away from clichéd box shape licks. How to compose your own improvised solos."

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