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100 etudes, exercises and simple tonal phrases Vol. 2, for piano

100 etudes, exercises and simple tonal phrases Vol. 2, for piano

Schott Musik International. 2016

Ficha técnica

  • EAN: 9790001202435
  • ISBN: 979-0-001-20243-5
  • Editorial: Schott Musik International
  • Fecha de edición: 2016
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Nº páginas: 108

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100 études, exercices et phrases tonales simples Vol. 2, pour piano, Einzelausgabe

The Belgian composer Nicholas Lens presents extremely varied etudes, exercises and simple phrases with wonderfully telling titles from poetry and everyday world for children and adults. For the most part the studies are tonal and simple and have no constructed line. They are not based on any educational concept but leave the musical dramatization to the pupils and teachers: 'Notes and rhythms are just notes and rhythms, they do not have that many rules, they do not have any pretension, they are just tools for you to use to express what you want to share'.


When mom?s eyes were closing
When on his skateboard Mattman laughs at the laws of gravity.
Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui is waiting for the bus. The bus is delayed. Larbi sighs. To kill time he starts to move his body, first softly, but then more and more.
I hate to see these birds in this cage at the store. Would we dare to liberate them...!? Come on! Hurry, hurry?
The new king gives his first speech. He seems a bit nervous, no?
With precision she counts the water drops coming down from the window.
Jee..! I have exam tomorrow?! -But exam of what? Piano of course? -Jeee?!
But man! It is really freezing. My hands are super cold! What about you? -Me? Huh? no, not really.
After their big fight of last night two heavy-weight boxers are having breakfast together. Peacefully they eat a boiled egg.
It is the first time he wears a costume. The trousers have hyper slim legs. He looks at himself in the mirror, turning around himself land shows a little smile.
A young deer is hopping through the forest.
With tremendous sadness she holds Lulu in her arms, Lulu who now will sleep forever.
With her mother she goes to buy her first bra. She seems a bit excited. So seems her mum.
Two twin couples play tennis double.
She has to study for her exam in philosophy. First she cleans her room. That was really necessary.
Last night the professor had a spicy Thai dinner. Perhaps even a little too spicy. Every seven minutes he leaves the class!
It rains. It is 4 o?clock in the morning. There is no one around. The tourists are sleeping in their hotels booked on booking.com. All by myself I stroll in the backstreets of Venice.
A happy newborn is getting breastfed but sometimes stops to take a small break.
A child amongst playing children does not play, but looks into the distance and seems to think about things.
Hiroshige loves to paint people holding umbrellas of paper speeding on a bended bridge in the wind.
The Flemish sky looks dark with big clouds filled with water. Some poor rays of sun do not have any chance and vaporise in nothingness.
A miniature dance inside the head
In Venice, like never before, the water rises and rises and rises?
The right arm of her puppet did fall down. It was her favourite puppet. How sad?
Hand in hand two young boys are walking in the park, shining of the joy of life.
After going out for a fast run, I am hungry and I eat an apple under the shower.
When I was a child I played Old Shatterhand and Winnetou with my brother. I always was Winnetou.
Little lullaby
At the border of the river three small kittens are playing. They seem to have lots of fun.
Dad, hundreds of toads cross the road?! But look?!
Three young deers run through the fields to the forest.
Two mighty armies of tin soldiers stand in front of each other.
In Havana we wait for the hurricane approaching the island. This does not seem to bother my brother-in-law Eduardo who most quietly enjoys his Porto on the terrace.
Dr Grignard, my super orthodontist is tightening my braces?!
Her rubber duck makes spectacular waves. The entire bathroom is wet.
A painting by Jackson Pollock
?Run fast, my love! Those villains are just behind you?!?
?Mombakkes'; impression of a painting by Michaël Borremans
Dad, the king is dead and they shout Long live the King. This is weird, no?
A light meal of steamed vegetables.
Dance of drunk noble people
Impossible to get there in time?!
Long ago I was afraid of flying. Not anymore. On the contrary.
My grandma knits a yellow pullover with a turtleneck. I still do not know if I will wear it. Perhaps if it is really very cold.
Rush hour in Berlin. Mein Gott?
A little discussion between young gods, little but firm.
My heart gets warm when I read your letter.
On the swing of my childhood
Power of love
A spontaneous party with my family at the Red Mountain. Our mother is watching us from above with a smile and plays on a piano of air.

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