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100 etudes, exercises and simple tonal phrases Vol. 1, for piano,
100 etudes, exercises and simple tonal phrases Vol. 1, for piano,

100 etudes, exercises and simple tonal phrases Vol. 1, for piano,

  • ISBN: 979-0-001-20211-4
  • Editorial: Schott Musik International
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Páginas: 86
  • código del editor: ED 22049


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100 études, exercices et phrases tonales simples Vol. 1, pour piano CONTENIDO: Dance of paradise birds When death calls us to dance Dad, how old was Rimbaud when he knew he was gay?-Well... Clara-Lane and her girlfriend dance in front of the house at the Clos des Chênes. There is much joy. But one of the cobblestones of the street is not well put Lulu notes that another dog is interested in her The woman of stone weeps white tears. It snows in St Martens-Bodegem Sometimes my brain thinks faster than I do I know a girl who's in love with 2 boys...!-But no! At the same time...?!-Yeah... The Villa Mieke Hill, where we read in the shade of the summer. Our feet are full of sand. Clara-Lane is fixing a green lemonade with mint Look! A letter from Yuko. With plenty of news It is 7 hours. I drink a cup of tea. The bag says: Tea, excellent for Elimination and Wellness Studying at high school of Ypres I look outside. Two pigeons are fooling around and having fun. I do not Kites above Cocq-sur-mer. Thousands! No. not thousands. But surely thirteen She calls me, she calls me not. She will call me, she will call me not. She would call me, she would call me not Sometimes we discover faces in the clouds, strange faces making faces Oh oh oh! Easy! Mary-Strawberry! Did I made the right decision? Yes, I think so A butterfly in love My sweetie pie. I miss you. A lot, really Do you believe we might see each other again His head turns around and round. He needs a cup of chamomile tea. It is urgent At least 7 screws are missing... no? (This is the last time I'll shop at Ikea Dance of the fishes in the lake of Zürich Jennifer Lawrence has a contagious laugh. And one day she had to run up the stage of the Oscars When she was 8, she dreamed of having her own horse Two sumo wrestlers eat a pistachio ice cream She gazes into space and plays with the hem of her skirt A tiny little sadness to pass through Sometimes when thinking too much we forget the action A short stroll in the chambers of the heart She eats a juicy pear. This pear looks indeed yummy The first time she was in love she was 16. The second time she was 76. No difference, she said After completing three maxi hamburgers he regretted that he had not been raised vegetarian The first smile of a newborn Dance of the robots I run, and I run in the small streets of St. Idesbald A sunny terrace after a dark Jeff Wall exposition In the fieldsmy horse runs to another time A sky full of ballons! Dad, look...! ...What is it, my love? But Dad...! Pf... Dancing on one leg of a sad doll Mina, the little girl from next door, needs butter: she will make a chocolate cake A policman tries to regulate traffic (hahaha...) A strange meeting, for sure a moment not to forget When young gods are dreaming The Prime Minister makes faces. It looks like he suffers from a toothache Two boys in love are dancing in the kitchen, and give each other little kisses A girl turns around. She has no face A boy drives home on his bicycle, carrying Chinese takeaway boxes, yet far too many Dance of elephants in love The clock from my great aunt Simona refused to count time