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Works For Organ & Keyboard, Piano and Organ. 9780486249353

Works For Organ & Keyboard, Piano and Organ

Dover Publications. 1988

Ficha técnica

  • EAN: 9780486249353
  • ISBN: 978-0-486-24935-3
  • Código del editor: DP13186
  • Editorial: Dover Publications
  • Fecha de edición: 1988
  • Nº páginas: 272

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Jan Sweelinck (1562-1621) was among the most famous organists of seventeenth century Europe and an influential composer in the Dutch and North German tradition. Bridging both Renaissance and Baroque styles, the Dutch composer is best remembered for the inventive, sparkling music he wrote for organ and other keyboard instruments. This remarkable treasury includes nearly all of Sweelinck's brilliant keyboard works, most of which have survived only in widely scattered seventeenth century manuscripts. In Sweelinck's day, these were some of Europe's most popular pieces for organ and keyboard. Nowadays, they retain every bit of their original intensity and vigour. Reproduced inthis authoritative complete-resource edition, they will be welcomed by serious keyboard artists, who will find them as praiseworthy today as they were when first known and played in Europe over three hundred years ago.


Da Pacem, Domine, In Diebus Nostris ? 4 Variations
Dies Sind Die Heilgen Zehn Gebot ? 2 Variations
Herzlich Lieb Hab Ich Dich, O Herr ? 4 Variations
allein Zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ ? 1 Variation
balletto Del Granduca ? 5 Variations
christe Qui Lux Es Et Dies ? 3 Variations
durch Adams Fall Ist Ganz Verdebt -2 Variations
erbarm Dich Mein, O Herre Gott ? 6 Variations
es Ist Das Heil Uns Kommen Her ? 2 Variations
es Spricht Der Unweisen Mund Wohl ? 1 Variation
est-ce Mars ? 7 Variations
Fantasia ? A Phrygian
Fantasia ? Aeolian
Fantasia ? Dorian
Fantasia ? F Ionian
Fantasia ? G Dorian
Fantasia ? Ionian
Fantasia ? Ionian, 2nd Version
Fantasia ? Ionian, First Version
Fantasia ? Mixolydian
Fantasia Chromatica - Dorian Mode
Fantasia On A Fugue Of Sweelinck By John Bull, 1621
Fantasia Super ? F Ionian
herr Christ Der Einig Gottes Sohn ? 2 Variations
ich Fuhr Mich Vber Rheine ? 6 Variations. Mein Junges Leben Hat Ein End ? 6 Variations
ich Ruf Zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ ? 4 Variations
more Palatino ? 4 Variations
nun Freut Euch, Lieben Christen Gemein ? Original Chorale Melody: 3 Variations
nun Freut Euch, Lieben Christen Gemein ? was Kann Uns Kommen An, Es Ist Gewisslich An Der Zeit 3 Variations
nun Komm Der Heiden Heiland ? 3 Variations
o Lux Beata Trinitas ? 2 Variations
paduana Lachrimae ? Colorirt
passamezzo ? 6 Variations
pavana Hispanica ? 4 Variations By Sweelinck, 4 By Samuel Scheidt
Pavana Philippi ? 2 Variations
Praeludium ? F Ionian ? ach Got Vom Himmel Seih Darein ? 3 Variations
praeludium Pedaliter
Psalm 116 - Jayme Mon Dieu, Car Lors Que Jay Crie ? 4 Variations
Psalm 140 ? O Dieu, Donne Moy Delivrance ? 4 Variations
puer Nobis Nascitur ? 4 Variations
Ricercar ? Aeolian
soll Es Sein ? 8 Variations
Toccata ? Aeolian
Toccata ? Dorian
Toccata ? G Dorian
Toccata ? G Dorian (Fragment)
Toccata ? Ionian
Toccata ? Mixolydian
unter Der Linden Grune ? 4 Variations
vater Unser Im Himmelreich ? 4 Variations
von Der Fortuna Werd Ich Getrieben ? 3 Variations
wie Nach Einem Wasserquelle ? ainsi Quon Oit Le Cerf Bruire, freu Dich Sehr, O Meine Seele ? 1 Variation
wir Glauben All An Einen Gott ? 4 Variations
wo Gott Der Herr Nicht Bei Uns Halt ? 2 Variations
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