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The Second String Quartet In F-Sharp Minor, opus. 10. 9780393978025

The Second String Quartet In F-Sharp Minor, opus. 10

; W. W. Norton & Company. 2005

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  • EAN: 9780393978025
  • ISBN: 978-0-393-97802-5
  • Editorial: W. W. Norton & Company
  • Fecha de edición: 2005
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Dimensiones: 15,5x20,5
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Traductor: Grant Chorley
  • Nº páginas: 352

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Arnold Schoenberg?s Second String Quartet revolutionized western art music. For nearly a century, it has inspired composers, scholars, critics, performers, and visual artists. Severine Neff re-creates for her readers the quartet's historical, cultural, and musical background?its introduction of the human voice, its genesis during a personal crisis in the composer's life, the scandal at its premiere, and its endlessly controversial reception, both critical and analytic. This volume includes a newly edited, authoritative score of the quartet, as well as previously unavailable and newly translated texts by Grant Chorley.

Brand New Miniature Score: The first miniature since 1937, created especially for this edition and meticulously edited by the author.

Newest and Most Comprehensive Study of the Quartet includes a wide array of contemporary, analytical, and critical materials:
-The Score: a study-sized version of the complete score.
-Culture and Aesthetics: written by the editor, examining circumstances that led to Schoenberg?s composition, the quartet?s infamous premiere and the riots that followed, artistic reactions (including Kandinsky?s), the quartet?s form and design.
-Commentaries on the Quartet: the historical background of the work?s creation told in documents, plus analytical and critical essays that examine the piece and its reception and cultural influence.
-New Translations From The German by Grant Chorley, specifically for this edition.
-Authority: Severine Neff is widely recognized as a premier scholar of Schoenberg and twentieth-century harmonic practices.


I. The score of the second string quartet in F-Sharp minor, Op. 10

II. Background and analysis
1. Historical Contexts
- A personal crisis
- Two premieres: unheard and heard
- The background of the riot
- Visual responses to the quarter
2. Presenting the quartet's "idea"
- An untamed sonata form
- A stop.and-go movement
- Adding a voice
- "Ascent to a Breakthrough"

III. Commentary by the composer, his students, and contemporaries
3. History and reception (1907-10)
1. Letter from Arnold Schoenberg to Arnold Rosé (1908)
2. Draft for a last will and testament by Arnold Schoenberg (1908)
3. Reviews of the premiere: Hans Liebstöck/Paul Stauber, Richard Specht, and Elsa Bienenfeld (1908-9)
4. Feuilleton: David Josef Bach (1909)
5. Colloquy about the premiere: Andro (Therese Rie), Marsop, Batka, Scherber, Karpath, Korngold (1909)
6. Schoenberg's thank-you note to the Rosé Quartet (1908)
7. Schoenberg responds to his critics: "A legal question" (with Liebstöckl's review), "An artistic impression", "On music criticism" (1909)
8. Schoenberg's first published interview: "Schoenberg at home" by Paul Wilhelm (10 January 1909)
9. Correspondence with Karl Kraus (1909)
10. Schoenberg's open letter in Die Fackel (1909)
11. A review of the "second premiere" by Richard Specht
12. Another thank-you note to Arnold Rosé (1909)
13. Letter from Gustav Mahler (1910)
14. A review of the concert and exhibit at Heller's Bookstore by Paul Stefan (1910)

4. Analysis and criticism (1909-51)
1. "Analysis of Schoenberg's second quartet" by (?) Heinrich Jalowetz and (?) Alexander von Zemlinsky (1909)
2. Excerpts from "Arnold SchOnberg" by Egon Wellesz (1911)
3. Excerpt from "Schoenberg's music" by Anton Webern (1912)
4. "The art of Arnold Schoenberg: A preliminary study" by Dr. Erich Steinhard (1912)
5. Excerpts from "Arnold Schoenberg's Modus Operandi" by Carlo Somigli (1913)
6. "Schoenberg's tonality" by Hans F. Redlich (1927)
7. Excerpt from "A study of Scoenberg's string quartets II" by Erich Schmid (1934)
8. Schoenberg on the second quartet (1936, 1949, 1934 c. 1945, 1951)
Appendix 1: Fifty-five dicumented performances
Appendix 2: "Misfortune in love" by August Strindberg
Appendix 3: Abbrevations of sources
Selected bibliography about the quartet

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