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On yesternight I saw a sight, for choir (SSAA) a cappella
On yesternight I saw a sight, for choir (SSAA) a cappella.

On yesternight I saw a sight, for choir (SSAA) a cappella

  • ISBN: 978-1-78454-590-1
  • Código del editor: BH 13713
  • Editorial: Boosey & Hawkes
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Páginas: 12
  • Idiomas: inglés
  • código del editor: BH 13713


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ISMN: 979-0-060-13713-6 Composer's note:"On yesternight I saw a sight was set as a means of thanking Jo Tomlinson for promoting and recording my music with the excellent choristers of Farnham Youth Choir. Knowing that the group’s ethos is to memorise the music, I intentionally set the text in a strophic fashion in which the odd-numbered verses act as a unison chorus that later forms a round. The text is inherently rhythmical and joyous. To my mind, it could only be a 12/8 jig reminiscent of a traditional folk dance. For the work’s final exclamation, I originally added "Noel" to the text. However, singing the final letter of this word while singing a top A is unnecessarily difficult. Thus I instead set the medieval Latin term, "Noe". By happy coincidence, this rhymes with the last two words of the sixth verse. The final chorus - harmonised for the first time and accompanied by a descant - hurriedly asks for God’s grace in these ever uncertain times so that he may "be born in us today"."- Gareth Treseder -