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Lieder Volume 9, Medium Voice and Piano. 9790006530694

Lieder Volume 9, Medium Voice and Piano

Bärenreiter. 2018

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  • EAN: 9790006530694
  • ISBN: 979-0-006-53069-4
  • Código del editor: BA 9129
  • Editorial: Bärenreiter
  • Fecha de edición: 2018
  • Idioma: Inglés / Alemán
  • Nº páginas: 229

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Volume 9 of the new Urtext edition of Schubert's lieder contains lieder composed during the spring and summer of 1816, some of which follow upon series started in 1815. They are available in separate books for high, medium and low voice. The volume was completed by the eminent Schubert scholar Walter Dürr who passed away at the beginning of 2018. It was in 1816 that Schubert completed his settings of Ossian's songs and added lieder on texts by Johann Georg Jacobi, Johann Peter Uz and Matthias Claudius. Also included are the lieder from the Grob family songbook. In summer 1816 Schubert produced his first settings of poems by Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart ( Grablied auf einen Soldaten and  An mein Klavier ), the author of the words to one of his most famous songs  Die Forelle /  The Trout (see Volume 2).


An mein Klavier D 342 [Schubert, Franz]
Am Tage Aller Seelen D 343 2nd version [Schubert, Franz]
Am ersten Maimorgen D 344 [Schubert, Franz]
Der Entfernten D 350 [Schubert, Franz]
Die Nacht D 358 2nd version [Schubert, Franz]
Am Bach im Frhlinge op. post. 109, 1 D 361 [Schubert, Franz]
Klage D 371 [Schubert, Franz]
An die Natur D 372 2nd version [Schubert, Franz]
Lied D 373 [Schubert, Franz]
Der Tod Oskars D 375 [Schubert, Franz]
Morgenlied D 381 [Schubert, Franz]
Abendlied D 382 [Schubert, Franz]
Laura am Klavier D 388 2nd version [Schubert, Franz]
Entzckung an Laura D 390 1st setting [Schubert, Franz]
Die vier Weltalter op. post. 111, 3 D 391 [Schubert, Franz]
Pflgerlied D 392 [Schubert, Franz]
An die Harmonie D 394 [Schubert, Franz]
Lebens-Melodien op. post. 111, 2 D 395 [Schubert, Franz]
Ritter Toggenburg D 397 2nd version [Schubert, Franz]
Frhlingslied D 398 [Schubert, Franz]
Auf den Tod einer Nachtigall D 399 2nd setting [Schubert, Franz]
Die Knabenzeit D 400 [Schubert, Franz]
Winterlied D 401 [Schubert, Franz]
Der Flchtling D 402 [Schubert, Franz]
Lied D 403 4th version [Schubert, Franz]
Die Herbstnacht D 404 2nd version [Schubert, Franz]
Der Herbstabend D 405 2nd version [Schubert, Franz]
Abschied von der Harfe D 406 2nd version [Schubert, Franz]
Die verfehlte Stunde D 409 2nd version [Schubert, Franz]
Sprache der Liebe op. post. 115, 3 D 410 [Schubert, Franz]
Daphne am Bach D 411 [Schubert, Franz]
Stimme der Liebe D 412 2nd version[Schubert, Franz]
Entzckung D 413 [Schubert, Franz]
Geist der Liebe D 414 [Schubert, Franz]
Stimme der Liebe D 187 1st setting [Schubert, Franz]
Stimme der Liebe D 418 1st setting [Schubert, Franz]
Julius an Theone D 419 [Schubert, Franz]
Minnelied D 429 [Schubert, Franz]
Die frhe Liebe D 430 [Schubert, Franz]
Blumenlied D 431 [Schubert, Franz]
Der Leidende D 432 2nd version [Schubert, Franz]
Seligkeit D 433 [Schubert, Franz]
Erntelied D 434 [Schubert, Franz]
Klage D 436 2nd version [Schubert, Franz]
Die Gestirne D 444 [Schubert, Franz]
Edone D 445 [Schubert, Franz]
Die Liebesg tter D 446 [Schubert, Franz]
An den Schlaf D 447 [Schubert, Franz]
Gott im Frhlinge D 448 2nd version [Schubert, Franz]
Der gute Hirt D 449 [Schubert, Franz]
"Fragment aus dem Aeschylus D 450 aus den ""Eumeniden"""
2nd version [Schubert, Franz]
Grablied auf einen Soldaten D 454 [Schubert, Franz]
Freude der Kinderjahre D 455 [Schubert, Franz]
Das Heimweh D 456 [Schubert, Franz]
Aus Diego Manzanares Almerine D 458 [Schubert, Franz]
An Chloen D 462 [Schubert, Franz]
Hochzeit-Lied D 463 [Schubert, Franz]
In der Mitternacht D 464 [Schubert, Franz]
Trauer der Liebe D 465 2nd version [Schubert, Franz]
Die Perle D 466 [Schubert, Franz]
An den Mond D 468 [Schubert, Franz]
Appendix (Parallel Versions): Am Bach im Frhlinge op. post. 109, 1 D 361 1st version [Schubert, Franz]
Lied D 403 1st version [Schubert, Franz]
1st version [Schubert, Franz]

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