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Hebrew Melodies, for Violin and Piano. 9780825844478

Hebrew Melodies, for Violin and Piano

Carl Fischer Inc.. 2001

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  • EAN: 9780825844478
  • ISBN: 978-0-8258-4447-8
  • Código del editor: BF1
  • Editorial: Carl Fischer Inc.
  • Fecha de edición: 2001
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Nº páginas: 128

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Melodías hebreas para violín y piano.

The revival of national styles throughout Europe, at the end of the nineteenth century, was paralleled by a growth of interest in the characteristic folk music of the Jewish people. The association of the violin with this tradition, its inherently "soulful" character and the dominance of the concert stage by violinists of Jewish heritage in the first half of the 20th Century led to the creation of many original compositions based on Jewish folk materials as well as straight forward concert transcriptions of famous "composed" melodies from that tradition. This collection features original compositions and editions by Joseph Achron, Leopold Auer, Ernest Bloch, Mischa Elman, Jascha Heifetz, George Perlman and Lazare Saminsky. Some of the famous melodies included are: Eli Zion, Kol Nidre, Rozhinkes mit Mandlen and Eli,Eli, as well as Ernest Bloch's striking stylization of the tradition in his popular concert work Baal Shem (Three Pictures of Chassidic Life). This handsome book also includes an excellent essay by Eric Wen on the Jewish folk tradition and its impact on the development of violin playing and repertoire in the 20th Century.


Perlman, George: Ghetto Sketches: A Birdling Sings (Lied von a Vogele)
Bloch, Ernest: Abodah (God's Worship)
Bloch, Ernest: Baal Shem I. Vidui (Contrition)
Bloch, Ernest: Baal Shem II. Nigun (Improvisation)
Bloch, Ernest: Baal Shem III. Simchas Torah (Rejoicing)
Perlman, George: Suite hebraique: Chassidisch
Perlman, George: Suite hebraique: Dance of the Rebbitzen
Bonime, Josef: Danse Hebraique
Sandler, Jacob Koppel: Eili, Eili 0 Eli Zion
Perlman, George: Ghetto Sketches: Hebraisch
Perlman, George: Ghetto Sketches: Hebrew Chant and Dance (Hush! the Rabbi Dances)
Achron, Joseph: Hebrew Dance, op. 35/1
Brown, Eddy: Hebrew Folk Song and Dance
Achron, Joseph: Hebrew Lullaby, op. 35/2
Achron, Joseph: Hebrew Melody, op. 33
Saminsky, Lazare: Hebrew Rhapsody, op. 3/2
Traditional: Kol Nidre
Warshawsky, Mark: Oyfn Pripetshik
Goldfaden, Abraham: Rozhinkes mit Mandlen
Sulzer, Joseph: Sarabande
Perlman, George: Suite hebraique: Yisker

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