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Complete Irish Flute Book
Complete Irish Flute Book.

Complete Irish Flute Book


  • ISBN: 978-0-7866-6589-1
  • Código del editor: MB96332M
  • Editorial: Mel Bay Pub., Inc.
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Formato: 22x30
  • Páginas: 192
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Tipo: PARTITURA (incluye descarga Audio)
  • código del editor: MB96332M

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While the wooden simple-system flute is traditionally used in playing Irish music, a growing number of folk players have adopted the silver flute as a viable alternative. Here for the first time, The Complete Irish Flute Book presents the silver or Boehm flutist with a method for learning authentic Irish ornamentation! This thorough guide provides detailed fingering charts, exercises, and technical essays for learning to execute ornaments in the in the Irish style. Through a wealth of hornpipes, reels, jigs, set dances, and slow airs and songs. This book focuses not only on musical accuracy, but stylistic authenticity as well. The companion audio contains 26 of the 101 tunes from the book. Includes access to online audio.

New ISBN: 978-0-7866-8876-0


I. Historical Notes
II. Fundamentals
Hand Position
Finger Position
Breath Support
III. Irish Music
Set Dance
IV. Performance Practice
Breath Support
Cuts (Fingering Chart)
Cuts Between Two Notes of the Same Pitch (Fingering Chart)
Pieces for Study of Cuts
Double Grace Notes
Scale Practice for Double Grace Notes
Pieces for Study of Double Grace Notes
Triple Grace Notes
Short Roll
Short Roll Fingerings
Short Roll Exercises
Pieces for Study of Short Rolls
Long Roll
Long Roll Fingerings
Long Roll Exercises
Pieces for Study of Long Rolls
Process of Variation
V. Slow Airs and Songs
Diaphragmatic Vibrato
Fingered Vibrato
VI. Pieces for Study and Practice
Piano Accompaniments
VII. Fingering Charts
VIII. Indexes


1. The Drunken Sailor, hornpipe [3:20]
2. King of the Fairies, set dance [3:51]
The Ships are Sailing, reel
The Mason's Apron, reel

3. Sloan's Lamentation, air [4:22]
Julia McMahon, jig
Come Along With Me, jig
The Lovely Lad, jig

4. Tipperary Hills, jig [2:40]
The Jolly Corkonian, jig
Jackson's Bottle of Brandy, jig

5. The Bloom of Youth, reel [2:09]
Touch Me If You Dare, reel
The Blackberry Blossom, reel

6. General Monrce's Lamentation, air [4:09]
Wellington's Advance, jig The
Rambler from Clare, jig

7. The Woods of Kilmurry, air [3:52]
The Red Haired Hag, jig (C Flute and Alto Flute)
Sax: Gunnar Mossblad
Bass: John C. Fishell

8. Lord Mayo, air [4:42]
Behind the Bush in the Garden, jig
The Humours of Ballinafauna, jig
Sax: Gunnar Mossblad

9. Twas on a Winter's Evening, song [5:53]
Guitar: John C. Fishell
Voice: Mizzy McCaskill

10. Banish Misfortune, jig [4:21]
Galway Tom, jig

11. The Winter it is Past, song [5:15]
Voice: Mizzy McCaskill

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