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Mastering Jazz Guitar: Chord/Melody (+CD)
Mastering Jazz Guitar: Chord/Melody (+CD).

Mastering Jazz Guitar: Chord/Melody (+CD)

  • ISBN: 978-0-7390-0957-4
  • Editorial: Alfred Publishing
  • Colección: Mastering Jazz Guitar
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Formato: 22,5x30
  • Páginas: 64
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Tipo: MÉTODO/EJERCICIOS (incluye CD)
  • código del editor: FM14126

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Contiene CD

Your guitar becomes the ultimate jazz solo instrument when you master the techniques and concepts in this book. Picking up where the harmony lessons in Intermediate Jazz Guitar leave off, topics include melody and harmony integration, bass line development, chord enhancement, quartal harmonies, and how to arrange a guitar solo. Learn to simultaneously play the harmony, melody, rhythm, and bass parts of any song! Concepts are illustrated with lots of examples to practice, including arrangements of some traditional melodies. All music is shown in standard notation and TAB, and the CD demonstrates the examples in the book.


About the Author
Accompaniment for Everything You're Not
Beautiful Dreamer
Blue Bell of Scotland
Blues in F
Blues in G
1 -- Right hand options
2 -- Combining melody and harmony
3 -- Techniques for harmonizing non-chord tones
4 -- Enhancing chord progressions
5 -- Simultaneous chords and walking bass lines
6 -- Searching out new voicings
7 -- Improvising over altered dominant chords
8 -- The minor scales and their modes
9 -- Using arpeggios
10 -- Eight-tone scales
11 -- Connecting your ideas
Coda 1---A Medley of Suggestions and Musical Concepts for Chord-Melody Playing
Coda 2---A Medley of Suggestions and Musical Concepts for Improvisation
Creating Arrangements
Diminished Chords
Everything You're Not
Fingerstyle Chords
Home on the Range

Lesson 1: Chord Superimposition
Lesson 1: Diads
Lesson 1: Moving Voices
Lesson 1: Passing-Chord Approaches
Lesson 1: Recognizing Chord Tones
Lesson 1: The Basic Voicings
Lesson 1: The Chromatic Connection
Lesson 1: The Diminished Scale
Lesson 1: The Melodic Minor Scale
Lesson 2: Accentuating the Difference Between Keys
Lesson 2: Adding the Non-Chord Tone
Lesson 2: Bass Lines---Scalewise Approach
Lesson 2: Guidelines for Arranging
Lesson 2: Melodic Patterns Based Around Arpeggios
Lesson 2: Symmetrical Chord Movement
Lesson 2: The IV-I Approach
Lesson 2: The Modes of the Melodic Minor Scale
Lesson 2: The Whole Tone Scale
Lesson 3: Arpeggios in the Melodic Minor Scale
Lesson 3: Bass Lines---Half-Step Approaches
Lesson 3: Chord Enhancement
Lesson 3: Melodic Patterns Based Around Chord Shapes
Lesson 3: Repeating an Idea in Different Octaves
Lesson 3: The Super Locrian Mode (Diminished Whole Tone Scale)
Lesson 3: The V7-I Approach
Lesson 3: Voice Leading
Lesson 4: Bass Lines---Rhythm
Lesson 4: Passing Chords
Lesson 4: Rhythmic Motives
Lesson 4: The Harmonic Minor Scale
Lesson 4: The ii-V7-I Approach
Lesson 4: Using the Altered Scale Over a ii-V7-I Progression
Lesson 5: Backcycling Approaches
Lesson 5: Bass Lines ii-V7-I Patterns
Lesson 5: Melodic Connection
Lesson 5: Quartal Harmony
Lesson 5: Targeting the Altered Chords---The Altered Clusters
Lesson 5: The Modes of the Harmonic Minor Scale
Lesson 6: Arpeggios in the Harmonic Minor Scale
Lesson 6: Bass Lines---Combining Techniques
Lesson 6: Diatonic Connection
Lesson 6: Revamping Licks
Lesson 6: Tritone Substitution Approach
Lesson 7: The Flat V7-I Approach
Lesson 7: The ii mi7 Flat 5-V7 Flat 9-i mi7 Progression
Lesson 8: The ii-V7-I and Alternate Cycles
Lesson 9: Surprise Chords
Listening to the Greats
Mi7 flat 5 (Half-Diminished) Chords
Octave Displacement
Pick and Fingers Technique
Pick Style
Playing on the Extensions Using Advanced Pentatonics
Playing on the Extensions Using Tones from 13 Chords
Playing with Wider Intervals
Reality Check
Rum and Coke
Single Notes
Symmetrical Motives
The Eight-Tone I Scale
The Eight-Tone ii-V7 Scale

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