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Great Pianists on Piano Playing: Godowsky, Hofmann, Lhévinne, Paderewski and 24 Other Legendary Performers
Great Pianists on Piano Playing: Godowsky, Hofmann, Lhévinne, Paderewski and 24 Other Legendary Performers.

Great Pianists on Piano Playing: Godowsky, Hofmann, Lhévinne, Paderewski and 24 Other Legendary Performers

  • ISBN: 978-0-486-40845-3
  • Editorial: Dover Publications
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Formato: 13,5x21,5
  • Páginas: 448
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Tipo: LIBRO


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Learning from a virtuoso is something that any piano student would love to do. But while master classes are rare, this remarkable book allows us to share the thoughts, musical insights, and experience of the world's greatest pianists.

In 28 separate interviews, these legendary artists talk about piano technique, musical development, what is required to achieve virtuoso piano artistry, and many other topics related to keyboard performance. Included are Busoni's "Important Details in Piano Study", Rachmaninoff's "Essentials of Artistic Playing". Paderewski's "Breadth in Musical Art", Grainger's "Modernism in Pianoforte Study", as well as fascinating perceptions and commentary from Bachaus, Carreño, Gabrilowitsch, Godowsky, Hofmann, Lhévinne, Scharwenka, and other masters.

Containing a wealth of information and practical advice, including biographical sketches of each musician, "Great Pianists on Piano Playing" is a one-of-a-kind collection that piano students, teachers and any music lover will treasure.


(28 photographic portraits)

1. James Francis Cooke: The artist's life
2. James Francis Cooke: Are pianists born or made?
3. Pepito Arriola: The story of a wonder child
4. Wilhelm Bachaus: The pianist of to-morrow
5. Harold Bauer: Artistic aspects of piano study
6. Fanny Bloomfield-Zeisler: Appearing in public
7. Ferrucio Busoni: Important details in piano study
8. Teresa Carreño: Distinctive piano playing
9. Ossip Gabrilowitsch: Essentials of touch
10. Leopold Godowsky: The real significance of technic
11. Katherine Goodson: Analyzing masterpieces
12. Josef Hofmann: Progress in piano study
13. Josef Lhévinne: Piano study in Russia
14. Vladimir de Pachman: Seeking originality
15. Max Pauer: Modern pianistic problems
16. Sergei Rachmaninoff: Essentials of artistic playing
17. Alfred Reisemauer: Systematic musical training
18. Emil Sauer: The training of the virtuoso
19. Xaver Scharwenka: Economy in music study
20. Ernest Schelling: Learning a new piece
21. Sigismund Stojowski: What interpretation really is
22. Ignaz Jan Paderewski: Breadth in musical art
23. Yolanda Mérö: Thoroughness in Hungarian music study
24. Rudolf Ganz: Opportunities and limitations in pianoforte playing
25. Ernest Hutcheson: Universality in piano teaching methods
26. Olga Samaroff: Concentration in music study
27. Mark Hambourg: Insuring progress in music study
28. Percy Grainger: Modernism in pianoforte study
29. Alexander Lambert: Profitable practice versus waster practice
30. Alberto Jonás: Nervousness in piano playing

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