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Ethnomusicology and Audiovisual Communication. Selected Papers from MusiCam 2014 Symposium. 9788460892915

Ethnomusicology and Audiovisual Communication. Selected Papers from MusiCam 2014 Symposium

; ; ; Universidad de Valladolid, Publicaciones. 2016

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This book contains fourteen articles based on the presentations during the MusiCam 2014 symposium organized by the Aula de Musica of the University of Valladolid (Spain), where scholars and filmmakers from eleven countries presented nineteen papers. The articles are divided finto six groups:
1. Theory and Methodology (Nico Staiti, Charlotte Vignau, Fulvia Caruso);
2. Ethics and Representation (Terada Yoshitaka, Matías Isolabella);
3. Analysis (Giorgio Adamo, María Eugenia Domínguez, Daniel Vilela and Joáo Egashira);
4. Education (Enrique Cámara de Landa, Nick Poulakis);
5. Fieldwork Footage (Claudio Mercado, Rui Oliveira) and
6. TV Documentarles (Leopardo D'Amico, Raúl Romero).
The book, covering such a wide range of themes and issues, is intended to benefit anyone interested in the interface between audiovisual media and ethnomusicology.


Introductory Notes
Enrique Cámara de Landa and. Terada Yoshitaka

1. Theory and Methodology

The Ethnomusicological Documentary: Some Principies and Guidelines. Nico Staiti
Approaches from Visual Anthropology Applied to Ethnomusicology: "Multivocal Editing" and Musical Action as a Form of Knowledge. Charlotte Vignau
A regola d'Arte, an Experience in Reflexive Visual Anthropology. Fulvia Caruso

2. Ethics and Representation

On Making Drumming out a Message: Filmmaking and Marginalized Communities. Tejada Yoshitaka
PayPavada, Empathy and Social Commitment: A Filming Experience in an Argentinian Prison. Matías Isolabella

3. Analysis

Using Video as a Tool for the Analysis of Music and Dance Perfonnances. Giorgio Adan-zo
Westem Chaco Flotes and Flote Players Revisited. María Eugenia Domínguez
Saludos amigas: Reflections about Brazilian's Cultural Identity. Daniel vitela and.joao Egashira

4. Education

Producing Ethnomusicological Audiovisuals in Current Educational Contexts. Enrique Cámara de Landa
Ethnomusicology in the Audiovisual World: Theoretical and Educational Applications. Nick Poulakis

5. Fieldwork Footage

The Birth of an Intangible Heritage Archive: Guitarrón lnusic and Chino Dances in Central Chile. Claudio Mercado M.
Life Beyond the Archive: Converting Archived Fieldwork Footage finto a Documentary. Rui Oliveira

6. TV Documentaries

An Ethnomusicological Perspectiva for a Television Documentary Film Shot in Calaban (Nigeria). Leopardo D'Amico
Researching and Producing Visual Ethnomusicology in Peru: On Ethnographic Videos and Television Documentaries. Raúl R. Romero


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