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The Classical Guitar: Solos, duets and songs by Sor, Giuliani, Aguado and other guitar masters of the 19th century
The Classical Guitar: Solos, duets and songs by Sor, Giuliani, Aguado and other guitar masters of the 19th century.

The Classical Guitar: Solos, duets and songs by Sor, Giuliani, Aguado and other guitar masters of the 19th century

  • ISBN: 978-0-8256-1812-3
  • Código del editor: AM968055
  • Editorial: Amsco Publications
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Formato: 23x30
  • Páginas: 144
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Tipo: PARTITURA (incluye CD)
  • código del editor: AM968055

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La guitarra clásica: solos, dúos y canciones de Sor, Giuliani, Aguado y otros maestros de la guitarra del siglo XIX.

This anthology of solos, duets and songs of composers of the Romantic era gives an historical and musical insight into this important period, and increases the basic repertory for teachers and amateurs.

Taken from original sources, and carefully fingered for the modern player; the transcriptions are as faithful as possible to the original while at the same time offering a practical performing score. The pieces are graded in difficulty, including pieces for beginners as well as suitable for the concert stage.

The introductory text and study notes accompanying each piece give a wealth of biographical, technical, ans stylistic information.

While many famous works are included, there are also a number of newly discovered pieces, never before published in modern edition, thus offering a substantial new addition to the guitar repertoire, and a more complete insight into the development of guitar music.

About The Composers
About The Music

- Ferdinando Carulli:
Duet In G

- G. Paesiello:
Air, Nel Cor Piu

- Dionisio Aguado:
Four Easy Studies

- Mauro Giuliani:
Sonatine / Op. 71 No. 1

- A. Meissonier:

- C. M, von Weber:
Oradle Song / (Wiegenlied) Op. 13 No. 2

- Matteo Carcassi:
Andantino Grazioso / Op. 5 No. 8
Allegretto / Op. 5 No. 12

- Mauro Giuliani:
Theme From Op. 102
Arietta / Op. 95 No. 37

- Luigi Legnani:
Caprice / Op. 20 No. 2

- Anton Diabelli:
Variations On A Favorite Theme For Two Guitars / Op. 5 7

- Fernando Sor:
Study In A / Op. 44 No. 20
Study In B Minor / Op. 31 No. 18
Study In E / Op. 35 No. 8
Study In E Minor / Op. 3 5 No. 24
Study In E Minor / Op. 35 No. 18
Study In E / Op. 42 No. 3

- Mauro Giuliani:
Study In E Minor / Op. 48 No. 5

- Fernando Sor:
Le Premier Pas Vers Moi / Op. 53

- Dionisio Aguado:
Study In E Minor
Study In A Minor

- Mauro Giuliani:
Polonaise Concertante / Op. 137 No. 2

- Fernando Sor:
Minuet And Rondo From The Grand Sonata / Op. 22
Andante Largo / Op. 5 No. 5

- Giulio Regondi:
Variations In Tremolo From Op. 21

- Franz Schubert:
An Die Musik / Op. 88 No. 4

- Mauro Giuliani:
Variations On A Theme Of G. F. Handel / Op. 107

- Fernando Sor:
Fantasy / Op. 7
Variations On La Folia And Minuet / Op. 15

- Mauro Giuliani:
Grand Overture / Op. 61

- Fernando Sor:
Grand Solo / Op. 14


Frederick Noad (FN), Edward Flower (EF), Jeff Cogan QC), Greg Newton (GN) Guitar, Hayden Blanchard (HB) Tenor

1. Andante - EF - Ferdinando Carulli
2. Waltz - EF - Ferdinando Carulli
3. Duet in G - FN, EF - Ferdinando Carulli
4. Study No. l in C (from Four Easy Studies) - EF - Dionisio Aguado
5. Andantino Grazioso Op.5 No.8 - EF - Matteo Carcassi
6. Theme from Op.102 - EF - Mauro Giuliani
7. Arietta - HB, FN - Mauro Giuliani
8. Caprice - EF - Luigi Legnani
9. Variations on a Favorite Theme For Two Guitars/Op. 57 - FN, EF - Anton Diabelli
10. Study in E - EF - Fernando Sor
11. Study in E Minor Op.48 No.5 - EF - Mauro Giuliani
12. La Premier Pas Vers Moi - FN, EF - Fernando Sor
13. Study in A Minor - EF - Dionisio Aguado
14. Polonaise Concertante (Trío) Op.137 No.2 - FN, EF - Mauro Giuliani
15. Minuet in C - EF - Fernando Sor
16. Variations in Tremolo From Op.21 - EF - Giulio Regondi
17. An Die Musik/Op.88 No.4 - HB, FN - Franz Schubert
18. Variations On A Theme of G.F. Hándel/Op.107 - EF - Mauro Giuliani
19. Fantasy/Op.7 No. l - EF - Fernando Sor
20. Variations on La Folia And Minuet/Op.14 - GN - Fernando Sor

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