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Piano Music of Robert Schumann. Series III
Piano Music of Robert Schumann. Series III.

Piano Music of Robert Schumann. Series III

  • ISBN: 978-0-486-23906-4
  • Código del editor: DP10307
  • Editorial: Dover Publications
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Formato: 24x31
  • Páginas: 209
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • código del editor: DP10307

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Robert Schumann (1810-1856): Música para piano. Volumen 3. Partitura general.

Edición de Clara Schumann y Johannes Brahms.

Noted for their extraordinary romantic warmth and imagination, Schumann's piano pieces are among the very greatest ever written. Their deeply felt lyrical beauty, impressive originality and eloquent expression of the composer's sentiments stamp these compositions as quintessential embodiments of musical romanticism. This volume, reproduced from the definitive edition (Breitkopf & Härtel, 1879-93), brings together all the solo piano pieces bearing opus numbers that did not appear in Series I and II (Dover, 21459-1, 21461-3).
In cases where there is more than one edition of a given opus, this volume supplies the second, definitive edition. A glossary of Gennan musical tenns has also been included.
Except for a few sketches and fragments, and two pieces for pedal piano (unplayable on a standard piano), all of Schumann's solo piano music is now available from Dover, complete in three volumes. Devotees of Schumann, serious students and pianists seeking to expand their repertoire, will want to add this excellent playing edition of Schwnann's piano compositions to their musical libraries.

Original Dover (1980) publication of 15 pieces for solo piano, selected from the Collected Works Edition, Robert Schumann's Werke, originally published by Breitkopf & Härtel, Leipzig. Pieces selected from two different sections of the Collected Works Edition: Sene VII. Für Pianoforte zu zwei Händen (1879-87), edited by Clara Schumann; and Serie XIV. Supplement (1893), edited by Johannes Brahms.


- Intermezzi, Op. 4. (Composed 1832; dedicated to Johan Václav Kalliwoda; originally published by F. Hofmeister, Leipzig)
I. Allegro quasi maestoso
II. Presto a capriccio
III. Allegro marcato
IV. Allegretto semplice
V. Allegro moderato
VI. Allegro

- Impromptus on a theme by Clara Wieck, Op. 5. [Revised edition, 1850, of the work originally composed in 1833; dedicated to Friedrich Wieck; originally published by F. Hofmeister, Leipzig]

- Etudes in the form of variations (Symphonic Etudes), OP. 13. [Revised edition, 1852, of the work originally composed in 1834; dedicated to William Sterndale Bennett]

- Supplement to Op. 13: Five additional variations. [first published in the Collected Works Edition, 1893]

- Supplement to op. 14: The original scherzo (second movement) of sonata no.3 in F minor. [MS dated June 5,1836; originally published in 1866-along with the supplement to Op. 22 also included in the present volume -as Scherzo und Presto passionato; Op. 14 appears in the Dover volume Piano Music of Robert Schumann, Series 1]

- Fantasy in C major, Op. 17. [Composed 1836; dedicated to Franz Lisztl

- Supplement to Op. 22: The original presto (finale) of sonata no.2 in G minor . [Originally published in 1866; see Supplement to Op. 14, above; Op. 22 appears in the Dover volume Piano Music of Robert Schumann, Series II]

- Three romances, Op. 28 . [Composed 1839; dedicated to Count Heinrich II of Reuss-Köstritz]
I. (B-flat Minor)
II. (F-sharp Major)
III. (B Major)

- Four pieces, Op. 32 [Composed 1838-39; dedicated to Amalie Rieffel]

- Four marches, Op. 76 [Composed 1849]
I. (E-flat Major)
II. (G Minor)
III. (B-flat Major: "Scene at Camp")
IV. (E flat Major)

- Three fantasies (Drei Phantasiestücke), Op. 111 · [Composed 1851; dedicated to Princess Reuss-Köstritz, née Countess Castell; originally published by C. F. Peters, Leipzig]
1. (C Minor)
2. (A-flat Major)
3. (C Minor)

- Album leaves (Albumblätter); 20 pieces, Op. 124 [Dedicated to Alma von Wasielewski; originally published by A. Fiirstner, Berlin]
1. Impromptu (composed 1832)
2. Leides Ahnung (Premonition of Sorrow; 1835)
3. Scherzino (1832)
4. Walzer (Waltz; 1835)
5. Phantasietanz (Fantasy Dance; 1836)
6. Wiegenliedchen (Little Lullaby; 1843)
7. Länder (1836)
8. Lied ohne Ende (Song Without End; 1837)
9. Impromptu (1838)
10. Walzer (Waltz; 1838)
11. Romanze (Romance; 1835)
12. Burla (1832)
13. Larghetto (1832)
14. Vision (1838)
15. Walzer (Waltz; 1832)
16. Schlummerlied (Slumber Song; 1841)
17. Elfe (Elf; 1835)
18. Botschaft (Message; 1838)
19. Phantasiestück (Fantasy; 1839)
20. Canon (1845)

- Seven pieces in fughetta form, Op. 126 [Composed 1853; dedicated to Rosalie Leser; originally published by A. Fürstner, Berlin]
I. (A Minor)
II. (D Minor)
III. (F Major)
IV. (D Minor)
V. (A Minor)
VI. (F Major)
VII. (A Minor)

- Morning Songs (Gesänge der Frühe); Five pieces, Op. 133 [Composed 1853; dedicated "to the lofty poetess Bettina" Brentano von Armm; originally published by A. Fürstner, Berlin)
I. (D Major)
II. (D Major)
III. (A Major)
IV. (F-sharp Minor)
V. (D Major)

- Theme in E-flat major [Composed February 7, 1854; Schumann's "last musical idea"; first published in the Collected Works Edition, 1893; the five variations on this theme, which Brahms refrained from printing at that time, were eventually published in 1939]

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