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Mikrokosmos for piano, vol. 1-2, BB 105. 9790080200834

Mikrokosmos for piano, vol. 1-2, BB 105

Editio Musica Budapest. 2021

Ficha técnica

  • EAN: 9790080200834
  • ISBN: 979-0-080-20083-4
  • Código del editor: Z20083
  • Editorial: Editio Musica Budapest
  • Fecha de edición: 2021
  • Idioma: Inglés / Húngaro
  • Nº páginas: 72

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Arreglos de / Arranged by: Yusuke Nakahara

Bartók's Mikrokosmos has been one of the milestones in pedagogical piano repertoire for 80 years - and yet it is also far more than a "classical" piano primer. These 153 piano pieces, organized in ascending order of difficulty, engage not only with technical aspects of piano playing but also with the fundamentals of composition - from "Imitation and Inversion," "Ostinato," and "Free Variations," concerning compositional technique, to mood pieces and pieces with programmatic ideas such as "Notturno," "Boating," "From the Diary of a Fly," or the famous "Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm." Mikrokosmos first appeared in 1940 in six volumes. Based on volume 40 of the Bartók CompleteEdition published in 2020(Z. 15040), the present Urtext edition offers the series gathered in three volumes. This edition includes Bartók's preface, exercises, and notes written for the first edition. Furthermore, it also features a preface and comments by the editor, which not only discuss the genesis and the compositional sources but also provide performers, teachers and pupils alike, with authentic and detailed information about Bartók's notation and the specific performing problems of Mikrokosmos.


Unison Melodie
Dotted Notes
Repetition (1)
Syncopation (1)
With Alternate Hands
Parallel Motion
Change of Position
Question and Answer
Village Song
Parallel Motion and Change of Position
Contrary Motion (1)
Imitation and Counterpoint
Imitation and Inversion (1)
Imitation and Inversion (2)
Repetition (2)
Syncopation (2)
Canon at the Octave
Imitation Reflected
Canon at the Lower Fifth
Little Dance in Canon Form
In Dorian Mode
Slow Dance
In Phrygian Mode
Free Canon
In Lydian Mode
Staccato and Legato (1)
Staccato and Legato (2, Canon)
In Yugoslav Style
Melody with Accompaniment
Accompaniment in Broken Triads
In Hungarian Style
Contrary Motion (2)
Increasing - Diminishing
Big Fair
In Mixolydian Mode
Crescendo - Diminuendo
Monody Divided
In Transylvanian Style
Triplets in Lydian Mode
Melody in Tenths
In Oriental Style
Major and Minor
Canon with Sustained Notes
Pentatonic Melody
Minor Sixths in Parallel Motion
Line and Point
Melody Divided

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