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Contrapuntal Piano-Playing, vol. 1 = Polyphones Klavierspiel, band 1. 9790001061681

Contrapuntal Piano-Playing, vol. 1 = Polyphones Klavierspiel, band 1

Schott Musik International. 2016

Ficha técnica

  • EAN: 9790001061681
  • ISBN: 979-0-001-06168-1
  • Código del editor: ED 5451
  • Editorial: Schott Musik International
  • Fecha de edición: 2016
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Dimensiones: 23x30
  • Idioma: Inglés / Alemán / Francés
  • Nº páginas: 40

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The interpretation of contrapuntal music makes particular demands on the pianist. Surprisingly there are very few collections which deal systematically with this important theme. In these two books Fritz Emonts has written a kind of 'Method of Contrapuntal Piano Playing' which may accompany piano tuition over a period of several years. Book 1 begins with easier pieces from the repertoire (ostinato forms, canons, pieces with walking bass) and takes us through easy dance movements up to the Inventions by J. S. Bach. Book 2 offers a selection of repertoire on a rather higher level, from Baroque to Romantic. The pieces are grouped systematically, to distinguish three ways in which parts are distributed:
1 Two Parts in the right hand, one in the left;
2 Two Parts in the left hand, one in the right;
3 Examples in which the middle part is divided between the hands.


-C. P. E. Bach: Minuet
-J. S. Bach: Minuet in A minor
-J. S. Bach: Gib dich zufrieden
-J. S. Bach: Polonaise
-J. S. Bach: Invention 1 in C major
-J. S. Bach: Invention 4 in D minor
-J. S. Bach: Invention 8 in F major
-J. S. Bach: Invention 10 in G major
-J. S. Bach: Invention 13 in A minor
-J. S. Bach: Minuet in B flat major
-W. F. Bach: Bourrée
-F. Emonts: Three Dances
-F. Emonts: Two Modern Dances
-F. Emonts: Two-part Canons
-J. C. F. Fischer: Gavotte
-G. F. Händel: Fugue
-P. Hindemith: Canon
-C. Orff: Chaconne
-J. Pachelbel: Fuga

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