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Complete Preludes Books 1 and 2. Piano
Complete Preludes Books 1 and 2. Piano.

Complete Preludes Books 1 and 2. Piano

  • ISBN: 978-0-486-25970-3
  • Código del editor: DP13897
  • Editorial: Dover Publications
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Formato: 21x28
  • Páginas: 118
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • código del editor: DP13897


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Claude Debussy (1862-1918): Preludios para piano. Libros 1 y 2.

Here, in one volume, are two bodies of work that, perhaps more than any others, reveal the essence of Claude Debussy's extraordinary expressiveness and his innovative gifts for musical imagery. Each book contains twelve preludes for the piano, many of them well known to today's musical audiences because of their great popularity with pianists worldwide. Ranging from the mystical "La Cathédrale engloutie" to the capricious "Ondine" to the explosive "Feux d'artifice," they offer special joys to pianists of varying levels of ability.

Other favorites from the piano repertoire in this collection include: "Danseuses de Delphes," "Ce qu'a vu le Vent d'Ouest," "La fille aux cheveux de lin," "La danse de Puck" and "Feuilles mortes." Some are technically simple, others comparatively difficult. All of them afford pianists an unparalleled opportunity to explore and develop their expressive range.
This authoritative edition of the complete Preludes, with a helpful glossary of French terms, has been carefully printed on durable paper and sturdily bound to provide students and lovers of fine music a lifetime of study and enjoyment of these beloved masterpieces of piano composition.

Unabridged Dover (1989) republication of the edition published by Izdatel'stvo "Muzyka," Moscow, 1964.


Glossary of French terms

- Preludes, Book l (1909-10)
I. Danseuses de Delphes [Delphic dancers]
II. Voiles [Sails or Veils]
III. Le vent dans la plaine [The wind on the plain]
IV "Les sons et les parfums tournent dans l'air du soir" (Ch. Baudelaire) ["Sounds and perfumes swirl in the evening air"]
V. Les collines d'Anacapri [The hills of Anacapri]
VI. Des pas sur la neige [Footprints in the snow]
VII. Ce qu'a vu le Vent d'Ouest [What the West Wind has seen]
VIII. La fille aux cheveux de lin [The girl with the flaxen hair]
IX. La sérénade interrompue [The interrupted serenade]
X. La Cathédrale engloutie [The sunken cathedral]
XI. La danse de Puck (Puck's dance]
XII. Minstrels

- Preludes, Book 2 (1912-13)
I. Brouillards [Mists]
II. Feuilles mortes [Dead leaves]
III. La Puerta del Vina [The Puerta del Vina (Wine Gate)]
IV. "Les fées sont d'exquises danseuses" ["The fairies are exquisite dancers]
V Bruyères [Moors]
VI. "Général Lavine" -excentric ["General Lavine," eccentric]
VII. La terrasse des audiences du clair de lune (The terrace for moonlight audiences]
VIII. Ondine [Undine)
IX. Hommage à S. Pickwick Esq. P.P.M.P.C. [Homage to S. Pickwick, Esq., P.P.M.P.C.]
X. Canope [Canopic jar]
XI. Les tierces alternées [Alternating thirds]
XII. Feux d'artifice [Fireworks]

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