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Carols of the World, International Christmas Songs for Choir
Carols of the World, International Christmas Songs for Choir.

Carols of the World, International Christmas Songs for Choir

  • ISBN: 978-3-7957-4916-3
  • Código del editor: ED 22036
  • Editorial: Schott Musik International
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Formato: 19x27,5
  • Páginas: 104
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • código del editor: ED 22036

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Björn Griesheimer: Villancicos del mundo, canciones internacionales de Navidad para coro mixto.

-Christmas carols from all over the world.
-Includes pronunciation tips for foreign languages.
-In simple arrangements for mixed choir.

This collection of carols, arranged by Bjorn Griesheimer, explores the wide diversity of Christmas carols from around the world. Including carols from all five continents, from countries as diverse as Tanzania, China, Ecuador and Australia.

-Africa: Christmas (Congo)
-Christ is born (Egypt)
-The redeemer was born (Ethipia)
-Welcome, silent night of peace (South Africa)
-Born in a manger (Tanzania)
-Asia: Today is the feast of birth (Armenia)
-Holy night is pure, holy night is calm (China)
-The morning sun is ascending (Japan)
-Bright voices are heard (Syria)
-Happy is this hour (Philippines)
-Australia: The three drovers (Australia)
-Carol our Christmas (New Zealand)
-Europe: Silent, silent, silent (Austria)
-Silent night, holy night (Austria)
-A child born in Bethlehem (Belgium)
-Christmas (Bulgaria)
-Rejoice, you nations (Croatia)
-Listen, listen, you shepherds (Czech Republic)
-A child was born in Bethlehem (Denmark)
-Softly, softly (Finland)
-Between the ox and the grey donkey (France)
-The divine child is born (France)
-The bell is ringing (Estonia)
-Angels in our fields (France)
-Oh come, little children (Germany)
-Mary went through a thorny wood (Germany)
-From heaven above to earth I come (Germany)
-The first Nowell (Great Britain)
-The cherry tree (Great Britain)
-We wish you a merry Christmas (Great Britain)
-Christ was born (Greece)
-The angel from heaven (Hungary)
-The holly and ivy girl (Ireland)
-Sleep, sleep, levely child (Italy)
-Toldera (Latvia)
-From heaven's hall (Luxemburg)
-Now be welcome, dear Lord Jesus (Netherlands)
-Today in Bethlehem (Poland)
-Kiss the child (Portugal)
-Today Christ was born (Romania)
-Today an abundant gift (Russia)
-Shepherds grazed sheep (Slovakia)
-What do you think, shepherds (Slovenia)
-Fum, fum, fum (Spain)
-A time has come for us (Switzerland)
-Tonight, a child is born (Spain)
-Now it's Christmas again (Sweden)
-Good evening to you (Ukraine)
-North America: In the name of heaven (Mexico)
-Oh Jerus'lem in the morning (USA)
-Wasn't that a mighty day (USA)
-Go, tell it on the mountain (USA)
-Jesus, he is born (The Huron carol) (Canada)
-South America: Christmas is coming (Bolivia)
-Born, born (Brazil)
-At midnight (Chile)
-A la nanita nana (Ecuador)
-With my little savanna-donkey (Venezuela)
-Come, my brother, let us go (Peru)
-De Virgin Mary had a baby boy (Trinidad and Tobago)

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