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A Russian Songbook
A Russian Songbook.

A Russian Songbook


  • ISBN: 978-0-486-26118-8
  • Código del editor: DP14069
  • Editorial: Dover Publications
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Formato: 23x31
  • Páginas: 95
  • Idiomas: Inglés/Ruso
  • código del editor: DP14069


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The rich emotional quality of Russian songs has long appealed to singers and audiences of many cultures. Songs such as "Dubinushka," "The Story of the Coachman," "Song of the Volga Boatmen," "Moscow Nights" and "Wait for Your Soldier" spring from a long and colorful song tradition, one that draws on Russia's ancient pagan mythology, strong Christian tradition and the bizarre characters of her epic literature as well as her turbulent history and the f olkways of both city and country.

This superb collection of forty-four Russian songs representa all of these influences along with the unique contributions of such composers as Shostakovich, Knipper and Zakharov. Among them are twenty-five traditional folk songs and nineteen popular songs written in the folk style by 20th-century composers.

Reprinted from authoritative Soviet editions, each of the songs appears with a vocal line, full piano accompaniment and guitar chords. The lyrics are presented in three forms: in the original Cyrillic, in transliteration (which will help singers approximate the sounds of the Russian words) and in an English singing translation. The introduction by ethnomusicologist Henrietta Yurchenko probes the fascinating origina and traditions of the Russian song in festivals, weddings and funerals; in the byliny (the long poems of Russia's heroes and great national events); in 19th-century industrial folklore; and in the Revolution and its aftermath.

To encourage further study, the editors have included a discography (revised for the present edition) and a chart of guitar chord fingering patterns. In all, this finely made edition provides an ideal guide to both the musical riches of Russian song and the evolution of this vibrant song tradition.

Unabridged republication (1989) by Dover Publications and Miro Music Inc., New York, of the edition originally published by Random House, New York, 1962. Introduction by Henrietta Yurchenko. Revised discography. Guitar chord fingering patterns. Guide to Transliteration.


Introduction by Henrietta Yurchenco
Guide to Transliteration

PART I: Folk Songs

1. Down the Volga River
2. Oh, You Dear Little Night
3. Down Along the Mother Volga
4. Dubinushka
5. The Slender Mountain Ash
6. Farewell to Happiness
7. The Little Bell
8. Do Not Scold Me and Do Not Reproach Me
9. No Sounds from the City Are Heard
10. My Sweetheart
11. All Throughout the Great Wide World I Wandered
12. The Story of the Coachman
13. In the Meadow Stood a Little Birch Tree
14. The Boundless Expanse of the Sea
15. The Cliff on the Volga
16. Snow Flurries
17. Stenka Razin (From Beyond the Island)
18. Troika Rushing
19. Do Not Awaken My Memories
20. Along the Peterskaya Road
21. In the Valley
22. The Village on the Road
23. Kalinka (Little Snowball Bush)
24. Why Do You Gaze at the Road?
25. Song of the Volga Boatmen

PART II: Popular Songs

26. Moscow Nights
27. Lonely Accordion
28. Katiusha
29. Wait for Me
30. Silently
31. Dark Is the Night
32. Strains of Guitar (On the River)
33. The Light
34. Wait for Your Soldier
35. Meadowland 36. Regimental Polka
37. My Heart
38. Far Away, Far Away
39. Should the Volga's Banks Be Flooded
40. Strolling Home
41. Who Knows Why
42. Through the Village
43. Clouds Have Risen Over the City
44. Song of Greeting

Guitar Chord Fingering Patterns

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