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18 Bass Lines From The Volume 34 Play-A-Long
18 Bass Lines From The Volume 34 Play-A-Long.

18 Bass Lines From The Volume 34 Play-A-Long

  • ISBN: 978-1-56224-065-3
  • Código del editor: GBL2
  • Editorial: Aebersold
  • código del editor: GBL2


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For All musicians wishing to learn fantastic bass lines. While reading from the book, play along with the bassist on the recording (sold separately) until you feel you've mastered his  feel and nuances. Then, using the special stereo separation on all of our Play-A-Long recordings, switch the bassist off and play along by yourself with just the piano and drums! This book (like all the Aebersold bass line transcription books) is a great study in professional bass line construction, and is a natural companion to the Aebersold Play-A-Longs. Combo instructors can use this book to give their bass students instant, professional bass lines. Includes notes in bass clef withchord symbols above each measure. THIS BOOK: Transcribed bass lines to the chord changes of: Blue Moon, Don't Blame Me, I Left My Heart In San Francisco, Invitation, Just Friends, Laura, My Secret Love, No Greater Love, On The Trail, On Green Dolphin Street, Once In Awhile, Over The Rainbow, Spring Is Here, Star Eyes, Stompin' At The Savoy, The Shadow Of Your Smile, You Stepped Out Of A Dream, and Without A Song.