Young Strings in Action, vol. 1, Teacher's Book.

Young Strings in Action, vol. 1, Teacher's Book

Boosey & Hawkes. 1971

Ficha técnica

  • ISBN: 979-0-051-16076-1
  • Editorial: Boosey & Hawkes
  • Fecha de edición: 1971
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Dimensiones: 23x30,5
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Nº páginas: 160

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Introduction to Volume I
Terminology of Instruments and Bows
Preparation - Measuring for the Correct-Sized Instrument
Care and Maintenance of the Instrument
Tuning - Phase I
Action 1: Establishing Correct Placement of the Instrument
Action 2: The Shuttle Between Registers
- Activities to Reinforce Left Hand Placement
- Three Open String Tunes
Action 3: Moving Across the Strings
- Rote Rhythmic Exercises
- Plucked Open String Accompaniments - Left Hand Pizzicato
Action 4: Learning to Hold the Bow
- Exercises to Develop Finger Flexibility
Action 5: Shadow Bowing
Action 6: Holding the Instrument and Bow Together
Action 7: Sitting Position - Violin and Viola
Action 8: Relaxing the Shoulder
Action 9: Short Strokes at the Middle of the Bow
- Using the Bow (Up-Bow and Down-Bow)
Action 10: Playing Open String Accompaniments Usig the Bow
Note-Reading: Playing on Open Strings - Playing on the A and D Strings; and D and G Strings
Action 11: Locating the Hand in First Position
- The Scale - Whole Steps and Half Steps
- Rote Scales and Melodies - Played on All Strings
Note-Reading: Playing First Finger on All Strings
Action 12: Slurred String Crossings
Action 13: Playing the Octave - Playing on All Strings
Note-Reading: Playing Second Finger (Violin and Viola); Third Finger (Cello) and Fourth Finger (Bass) in A, D, G, E and C
Action 14: Extending the Bow Stroke
- Playing at the Tip and Frog
Note-Reading: Playing in All Parts of the Bow
Note-Reading: Playing Third Finger (Violin and Viola), Fourth Finger (Cello), and Third Position (Bass)
Action 15: Refining the Bow Stroke
Note-Reading: Playing Low Second Finger (Violin and Viola) and Second Finger (Cello and Bass)
Action 16: Place and Lift the Bow (Silent)
Action 17: Single Lifted Strokes with Return (Early Rebound Stroke)
Note-Reading: Playing Third Finger Above Low Second Finger (Violin and Viola) and Second and Fourth Finger (Cello)
Note-Reading: Alternating High and Low Second Finger (Violin and Viola), Second and Third Finger (Cello), and Second and Fourth Finger (Bass)
Action 18: Long Slurred Strokes
Note-Reading: Alternating High and Low Second Finger on Neighboring Strings (Violin and Viola); Alternating Second and Third Finger On Neighboring Strings (Cello); Alternating Second and Fourth Finger on Neighboring Strings (Bass)
- Stopping Two Strings with One Finger - in D, G, A, C
- Major and Minor Triad and Pentachord - in D, d, G, g, A, a, C, c

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