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The Adult Piano Method: Lessons, Solos, Technique & Theory, Book 1
The Adult Piano Method: Lessons, Solos, Technique & Theory, Book 1.

The Adult Piano Method: Lessons, Solos, Technique & Theory, Book 1

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  • ISBN: 978-1-4234-1760-6
  • Editorial: Hal Leonard
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Formato: 23x30,5
  • Páginas: 96
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Tipo: MÉTODO/EJERCICIOS (incluye CD)


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Contiene CD

2 CDs.

Why adult and older beginner students will love this new method:
-All-in-one: Combines lessons, solos, technique & theory
-Well-paced: Moves comfortably through new concepts and material
-Hands-on: Encourages the student to become inmediately engaged in playing the instrument
-Easy-to-grasp: Material is well-planned and free of technical jargon
-Encourages creativity: Provides opportunities for student improvisation
-Creates a sense of accomplishment: Beautifully-realized teacher duets and richly-orchestrated CD and GM accompaniment disks provide a rewarding musical experience


Unit 1
-Preparation to play
-Piano keyboard. Two black keys
-The beat goes on (rhythm, pulse)
-Three black keys
-Straight ahead (notes, crochet, crochet rest)
-Opening night (bars, minim, semibreve)
-Water Lily
-The music alphabet
-C-D-E groups
-Party cat (forte)
-Aloft (piano)
-F-G-A-B groups
-Traffic jam (minim rest, repeat sign)
-Music theory
-Popcorn (staccato)
-Star to star (legato, slur, phrase)
-Bermuda bound (4/4 time signature)
-Star quest
-By the River's edge

Unit 2.
-Straight ahead (lines and spaces)
-Laid back, too hot! (bass clef)
-Twilight, private eye (treble clef)
-Partly cloudy (the grand staff)
-Clear skies (two-note slurs)
-Tambourine tune (interval)
-Wishful thinking (mezzo piano, mezzo forte)
-Barefoot on the beach
-Long, long ago
-Surprise symphony (skips 3rds)
-Let me fly!
-Music theory
-The wild rest
-Happy heart
-Camptown races (dotted minim)
-Scottish air (3/4 time signatue)
-Style clip
-The Emperor waltz
-Ocean breezes (tie)
-Jazz jig
-Russian dance

Unit 3.
-Rope bridge (semibreve rest, dynamic shading)
-C major pattern
-Song of the orca
-Interval etude (melodic and harmonic intervals)
-La Cha-cha
-Hoedown (D.C. al Fine, interval of a fourth, fortissimo)
-Sunlight through the trees (pianissimo)
-In my dreams
-Music theory
-Too cool! (flat)
-A little latin (accent)
-Little star (8va, 15ma)
-Andantino (sharp)
-Shigting winds
-Quiet thoughts
-Star quest
-Bayou blues (natural, fermata)
-Canyon echoes (interval of a fifth)

Unit 4.
-Gentle rain (ritard)
-Little river flowing (quavers)
-Shooting hoops
-Spring (upbeat)
-G major pattern
-Ode to joy (dotted-crochet/quaver)
-Style clip
-Boogie baby (interval of a sixth, 8va, 8vb)
-Lavender mood
-Trumpet tune

Unit 5
-All though the night
-Viva la rhumba!
-Leap frog
-Music theory
-In concert (sustain pedal)
-Music theory
-Mystic mood
-Rush hour
-Theme from "The New World" Symphony


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