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L'école du Mecanisme pour Clarinette 1º
L'école du Mecanisme pour Clarinette 1º.

L'école du Mecanisme pour Clarinette 1º

  • ISBN: 979-0-043-03692-0
  • Editorial: Gerard Billaudot Editeur
  • Colección: Collection Jacques Lancelot
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Formato: 23x30
  • Páginas: 32
  • Idiomas: Francés/Inglés
  • código del editor: G3692B


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L'école du Mecanisme pour Clarinette 1º
- exercises pour l'assouplissement et l'independance des doigts
- préparation au trille : 1

The school of technique
- exercises for limbering up and digital independence
- preparation for the trill: 1

If technical practise includes this sort of studiy, it is not always clearly applied.
However, as for the piano and the violín, where finger dexterity is so important, the clarinet is no exception, due to its complicated system (1).
These exercises - deliberately limited in number, because of the attention that they require - are the only way to obtain digital strength and independence as well as breath control in mp or mf performance.
Thus the (proposed) annotations (2) enable acquiring positive use of fingers that are alas too often forgotten!
This weakness - understandable in preparatory levels and regrettable in superior ones - reminds one of the necessity of concentrating on what is difficult and not to simply regurgitate what one has learnt.
Finally, the preparation for the trill (1st figure) confirma the interest of this study, where quality should prevail, since knowing how to practise is a gift.


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