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Cello Time Sprinters (+Audio OnLine): A third book of pieces for cello
Cello Time Sprinters (+Audio OnLine): A third book of pieces for cello.

Cello Time Sprinters (+Audio OnLine): A third book of pieces for cello


  • ISBN: 978-0-19-322115-4
  • Editorial: Oxford University Press
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Formato: 23,2x31,1
  • Páginas: 32
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Tipo: MÉTODO/EJERCICIOS (incluye descarga Audio)


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"Cello Time" is a great series for young cellists. Packed with lively original tunes, easy duets, and traditional pieces, the books are carefully paced and organized to build confidence every step of the way. With plenty of entertaining illustrations and a dowloaded files to play along to, with "Cello Tune" it really is fun to play.

"Cello Time Sprinters" includes:
-Extended pieces in first position
-Fourth position pieces using the finger patterns 1-34, 12-4, and 1234
-A range of techniques, including hooked bowing, string crossing and double-stops
-Original pieces in different styles plus pieces by a range of composers
-Duets with parts of equal difficulty
-Scales and arpeggios to suit the pieces and at the level of Grade 3
-CDs with performances and backings for all the pieces, many with drumkit and bass added, as well as tuning tracks
-Straightforward piano accompaniments available in a separate volume



Algy Met A Bear (Duet)
Ally Bally (Duet)
Bow Down, O Belinda (Duet)
C String Boogie
Calypso Time
Carrion Crow (Duet)
Cattle Ranch Blues
Chinese Garden
Chopsticks For Two (Duet)
City Lights
Clare's Song
Copy Cat (Duet)
Distant Bells
Down Up
Fast Lane
Fiddle Time
Flying High
Happy Go Lucky
Here It Comes
In Flight
Jim Along Josie (Duet)
Katie's Waltz
Lazy Cowboy
Lazy Scale
Lift Off!
Li'l Liza Jane (Duet)
Listen To The Rhythm
London Bridge
Off To Paris (Duet)
On The Prowl
Patrick's Reel
Phoebe In Her Petticoat (Duet)
Ready, Steady, Go Now!
Rhythm Fever
Rocking Horse
Rowing Boat
Runaway Train
Shortnin' Bread
So There!
Stamping Dance
Summer Sun
Tap Dancer
The Mocking Bird (Duet)
The Old Castle
The Three Friends (Duet)
Tiptoe, Boo!
Travellin' Slow
Tudor Tune
Two In A Boat (Duet)
Under Arrest!
Viola Time


Adam in The Garden
Air (Duet) [Handel, George Frideric]
Air In C [Bach, Bach, Johann Christian]
Allegretto In C [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
Banyan Tree (Duet)
Blue Whale
Caribbean Sunshine
Chase In The Dark
Cornish May Song
Ecossaise In G [Beethoven, Ludwig Van]
Finale (Water Music) [Handel, George Frideric]
Flamenco Dance
Gypsy Dance
Heat Haze
I Got Those Viola Blues
In Memory
Jingle Bells
Mean Street Chase
Medieval Tale
Merrily Danced The Quaker's Wife
Noel [Daquin, Louis-claude]
O Leave Your Sheep (Duet)
On The Go!
Pick A Bale Of Cotton
Playing On The Ol' Banjo
Prelude (Te Deum) [Charpentier, Marc Antoine]
Somebody's Knockin' At Your Door
Somebody's Knocking At Your Door
Start The Show
Takin' It easy
Ten Thousand Miles Away (Duet)
That's How It Goes!
The Old Chariot
The Wee Cooper O' Fife
Viola Time Rag
Yodelling Song