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The Routledge Companion to Ethics and Research in Ethnomusicology. 9780367490034

The Routledge Companion to Ethics and Research in Ethnomusicology

; Routledge. 2022

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  • EAN: 9780367490034
  • ISBN: 978-0-367-49003-4
  • Editorial: Routledge
  • Fecha de edición: 2022
  • Encuadernación: Cartoné
  • Dimensiones: 18,5x26
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Nº páginas: 368

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"The Routledge Companion to Ethics and Research in Ethnomusicology" is an in-depth survey of the moral challenges and imperatives of conducting research on people making music. It focuses on fundamental and compelling ethical questions that have challenged and shaped both the history of this discipline and its current practices. In 26 representative cases from across a broad spectrum of geographical, societal, and musical environments, authors collectively reflect on the impacts of ethnomusicological research, exploring the ways our work may instantiate privilege or risk bringing harm, as well as the means that are available to provide recognition, benefit, and reciprocation to the musicians and others who contribute to our studies. In a world where differing ethical values are often in conflict, and where music itself is meanwhile a powerful tool in projecting moral claims, we aim to uncover the conditions and consequences of the ethical choices we face as ethnomusicologists, thereby contributing to building a more engaged, restructured discipline and a more globally responsible music studies. The volume comprises four parts: (1) sound practices and philosophies of ethics; (2) fieldwork encounters; (3) environment, trauma, collaboration; and (4) research in public domains.






1 Ethics in Ethnomusicological Research: Historical Perspectives, Emergent Challenges

Jonathan P. J. Stock

PART I: Sound Practices and Philosophies of Ethics

2 Introduction: Sound Practices and Philosophies of Ethics

Beverley Diamond

3 Some Precepts Taught by Two Cree Elders and Their Implications for Talking about Music

Carl Urion

4 Ethical Responsiveness at the Intersection of Critical Indigenous Studies and Music Scholarship

Monique Giroux

5 Double the Danger in Writing: Toward Feminist and Decolonial Response-Abilities in Ethnomusicology

Elizabeth Mackinlay

6 Music as Ethics in an American Intentional Community

Andy McGraw

7 Empathy, Compassion, and Cultural Intimacy

Martin Stokes

8 Music and the Immorality of Ethnography

Benjamin R. Teitelbaum

PART II: Fieldwork Encounters

9 Introduction: Fieldwork Encounters

Jonathan P. J. Stock

10 White Caste Supremacy and Dis/connection in Fieldwork Encounters

Stefan Fiol

11 Standing with: Ethnomusicologists as Industry Colleagues in the Field

Ioannis Tsioulakis

12 Ethnographic Fieldwork and the Safeguarding of the Indigenous Shona Mbira Music Heritage of Zimbabwe: Ethical Issues Revisited

Perminus Matiure

13 Don?t Be Like the Jebarra: Reconsidering the Ethics of Ethnomusicological Practice in an Indigenous Australian Context

Sally Treloyn and Rona Goonginda Charles

14 Good Research versus Ethical Participation at Muslim Women?s Ceremonies in Iran

Mohammad Reza Azadehfar and Fatemeh Mirtaheri

15 Becoming Family: A Female Ethnomusicologist Contemplates Fieldwork in Central Asia

Razia Sultanova

16 ?I Hope God Blesses You with a Beautiful Wife?: Negotiating Heteronormative Research Spaces as a Gay Man

Jared Mackley-Crump

PART III : Environment, Trauma, Collaboration

17 Introduction: Environment, Trauma, Collaboration

Jonathan P. J. Stock

18 Ethical Considerations for Ethnomusicologists in the Midst of Environmental Crisis

Jeff Todd Titon

19 Mining for Music: Ethical Entanglements in Lihir, Papua New Guinea

Kirsty Gillespie

20 Between the Cracks: Navigating Trauma as an Ethnomusicologist

Rebecca Dirksen

21 Collaborative Video-Making with Young Women in Ethiopia: Responding to Violence, Exploring Challenges, Demonstrating Resistance

Leila Qashu

22 Ethics vs. Ethnic Issues: Negotiating a Fieldworker?s Status in Xinjiang

Mu Qian

23 Arts, Organizations, and Ethnomusicology: Ethical Considerations in the Contexts of Health and Development Work

Kathleen J. Van Buren

PART IV: Research in Public Domains

24 Introduction: Research in Public Domains

Beverley Diamond

25 ?The West and the Rest?: Power (Im)Balances in Musical Museum Spaces

Kathleen Wiens

26 Unsettling the Score: The Case of Naacnaaca

Jeremy Strachan

27 Ethical Dimensions in Ethnomusicology for Policy

Simon McKerrell

28 Images beyond Consent: Developing an Ethics of Cine-Ethnomusicology

Benjamin J. Harbert

29 ?A Week from Now, Will I Remember? Maybe?Maybe Not?: Navigating Ethics in the Production of Student-Made Films about Music and Dementia

Jennie Gubner

PART V: Afterword

30 Afterword: Complicating the Conversation about Ethics in the Pluriverse

Beverley Diamond


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