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The Cambridge Handel Encyclopedia
The Cambridge Handel Encyclopedia.

The Cambridge Handel Encyclopedia

  • ISBN: 978-0-521-88192-0
  • Editorial: Cambridge University Press
  • Encuadernación: Cartoné
  • Formato: 23x15
  • Páginas: 858
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Tipo: LIBRO


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George Frideric Handel was born and educated in Germany, flourished in Italy, and chose to become British. One of the most cosmopolitan of the great composers, much of Handel’s music has remained in the popular repertory since his lifetime, and a broad variety of his music theatre works from Italian operas to English oratorios have experienced a dramatic renaissance since the late twentieth century. A large number of publications devoted to Handel’s life and music have appeared from his own time to the present day, but The Cambridge Handel Encyclopedia is the first resource to gather the full range of present knowledge and leading new scholarship into a single volume for convenient and illuminating reference. Packed with 700 informative and accessible entries both long and short, this book is ideal for performers, scholars, students and music lovers who wish to explore the Handelian world.

- Unprecedented reference guide to one of the most popular composers in music history, containing 700 A-Z entries, ranging from fascinating short summaries to detailed research articles
- Presents a wide range of supplementary information, including a fully comprehensive family tree of the composer and his ancestors, a new fully revised worklist and a survey of 50 modern Handel performers
- Written by over eighty international scholars, and including a Foreword by Christopher Hogwood, the book presents new research, featuring many key topics that have seldom received due attention before.


Foreword (Christopher Hogwood);
A-Z general entries;
Appendix 1: Worklist;
Appendix 2: Chronology;
Appendix 3: Handel's family tree;
Appendix 4: Handel iconography;
Appendix 5: Genealogical table of the ruling houses of Britain and Hanover;
Appendix 6: Handel's music on CD and DVD;
Appendix 7: An overview of fifty Handel performers, 1959–2009;
Appendix 8: Handel organizations and websites;
Select bibliography.

Domenico Antonio D’Alessandro, Beverly Adams, John K. Andrews, Clifford Bartlett, Graydon Beeks, Terence Best, Melania Bucciarelli, Michael Burden, Donald Burrows, John Butt, Nicholas Clapton, Hans Dieter Clausen, David E. Coke, Graham Cummings, Kerry Downes, Pierre Dubois, Robin Eagles, Ulrich Etscheit, Matthew Gardner, Christine Gerrard, Elizabeth Gibson, Daniel Glowotz, Dagmar Glüxam, John Greenacombe, William D. Gudger, Brean Hammond, Ellen T. Harris, Katie Hawks, Jürgen Heidrich, Artie Heinrich, Wendy Heller, Rainer Heyink, John Walter Hill, Katharine Hogg, Christopher Hogwood, Robert D. Hume, David Hunter, David Ross Hurley, H. Diack Johnstone, Berta Joncus, Andrew V. Jones, Robert Ketterer, Matthew Kilburn, David Kimbell, Richard G. King, Klaus-Peter Koch, Walter Kreyszig, Hartmut Krones, Annette Landgraf, Francesco Lora, Sarah McCleave, Thomas N. McGeary, Christine Martin, Judith Milhous, Toshiki Misawa, Panja Mücke, Konstanze Musketa, Buford Norman, Suzana Ograjenšek, Hans-Günter Ottenberg, Ute Poetzsch, Juliane Riepe, Leslie M. M. Robarts, John H. Roberts, Stephen Roe, Julian Rushton, Julie Anne Sadie, Graham Sadler, Siegfried Schmalzriedt, Dorothea Schröder, Hannah Smith, Ruth Smith, Reinhard Strohm, Carole Taylor, Nicholas Temperley, Andrew C. Thompson, Colin Timms, Gödz Traxdorf, David Vickers, Carlo Vitali, William Weber, Ralf Wehner, Jens Wehmann, Edwin Werner, John Winemiller, Eva Zöllner