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Orff Instruments and How to Play Them. A handbook for pedagogical practice, for work with groups of all ages. 9790600012343
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Orff Instruments and How to Play Them. A handbook for pedagogical practice, for work with groups of all ages

Schott Musik International. 2016

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  • EAN: 9790600012343
  • ISBN: 979-0-60001-234-3
  • Editorial: Schott Musik International
  • Fecha de edición: 2016
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Dimensiones: 19x27,5
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Nº páginas: 128

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New edition in English.
Orfl Instrumenta and How to Play Them is both a handbook and a practica) guide: It gives a detailed and comprehensive overview of the characteristic sounds, the origina and the different playing techniques of the individual instrumenta, as well as valuable tips for selection and tare. The numerous practica) examples, notes on methodology and musical pieces are enhanced with sample accompaniments and playbacks on the enclosed CD. The many suggestions and ideas can be implemented easily and immediately.
OrtFlnstruments and How to Play Them is an essential referente guide for anyone who wants to use the Instrumentarium in groups,especially in kindergarten, schools, music schools and in their studies.


About this Book

1. Introduction. What does Orff Instrumentarium mean?
Background of the Instruments - Country of Origin
Historical Background
* Instruments discovered and developed for artistic-pedagogical practice - the genesis of the Orff Instrumentarium
* Development of the Barred Instruments for the Orff-Schulwerk
* Orff Instruments for everyone
* First attempts and an abrupt end
* Target group: Children - A mission with results
* Orff-Schulwerk: Music for Children - Archetypes in notation
* Elemental Music and Dance Education - An approach-captures the wvrld

2.Orff Instruments - Handling and Playing
Symbols from A-Z

Barred Instruments
* Glockenspiel, xylophone, metallophone, resonator bars
* Mallets for barred instruments
* Resonator bars
* Holding the mallets
* Tonal rocas and scales
* Playing techniques

Various Drums
* Hand Drum (tambour)
* Tambourines
* Bass drum
* Timpani (kettledrums) :

Hand Percussion Instruments
* Shaken instruments
Shakers - rattles (maracas), rectangular shakers, round shakers, egg shaker (chicken shake), rainmaker, basketwork shaker (caxixi)
Jingle rings and bells - sleigh bell spray, bell spray, sleigh be¡¡ wristlets, jingle ring, jingle rattle
* Wooden instruments
Claves (clapsticks)
Woodblock and tubular woodblock
Castanets - handle castanets, mounted castanets, castanets
* Metal instruments
Hanging cymbals and cymbals
Finger cymbals (zills or zils)

Extended Orff Instruments
* Effect instruments
Guiro, reto-reto (raspador), wooden agogo
Agogo bells, coca bell, vibra slap, cabasa, flexatone

* Drums
Bongo, conga, djembe
Temple blocks, slit drum

Sound shapes (drum discs)
* Melody instruments
Bowed psaltery

3. Orff lnstruments - Selection and Care
* Equipment for Groups
* Quality and Sound
* Instrument selection for different target groups - Recommendations
Music oriented parent-child groups (0-3 Years)
Daycare centers, schools, music schools (4-10 Years)
Youth and adult groups
Special education and therapy (persona with disabilities)
Senior citizens' groups (70+)
Caring for instruments
* Organization and Storage

Space and Set Up
Instrument Cards
* Usage and game ideas
* Templates

4. Playing with Orff Instrumenta
* The Spectrum of Music-Making
Starting to play - practica) examples

Get to know the instrumenta - hear, listen, explore, play
Exploration 1: Hand percussion and extended Orff instrumenta
Exploration 2: Various drums
Exploration 3: Barred instruments
* Texts and stories sounded out- noises, tones, moods
* Music is created - Speech-Rhythm-Melody-Accompaniment
* Song accompaniment - developing motifs
* Make up music - melodic improvisation
* Combining music and movement

Making Music with a atore - Instrumental pieces with flair
* Trio
* Maracatú
* Nenita uno dos tres
* Xylotango
* Comodo
* Calypso Oé Timbalero
* A harmonic progression for every occasion

* Further reading
* Thanks
* Author
* CD-Track list

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