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Piae Cantiones
Piae Cantiones.

Piae Cantiones


  • ISBN: 83210
  • Editorial: Alia Vox (Son Jade)
  • Colección: Diversa
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Formato: 14x13
  • Páginas: --
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Tipo: DISCO
  • código del editor: AV9932


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Piae Cantiones (Spiritual Songs). Canciones de Navidad

ALIA VOX DIVERSA, the new collection created 4 years ago to host independent productions by outstanding musicians who for many years have featured in concerts and recordings with our ensembles HESPÈRION XXI, LA CAPELLA REIAL DE CATALUNYA and LE CONCERT DES NATIONS, is pleased to release and present this new album Piae Cantiones (Spiritual Songs) by the vocal ensemble UTOPIA CHAMBER CHOIR and an instrumental group conducted by Andrew Lawrence-King. This new programme, conceived, recreated and directed by Andrew Lawrence-King one of the most long-standing and imaginative collaborators in our long career in musical production, brings us the beautiful and ancient spiritual songs celebrating the mystery of the Nativity. The earlier choral versions, which were released in Finland, have enjoyed great success in Nordic and English-speaking countries.

Once again, this extraordinary programme embodies all the qualities envisaged for the Alia Vox Diversa collection: the rediscovery of neglected repertories such as the spiritual music surrounding the celebration of the Nativity from the ancient cultures of Finland and other Nordic lands, recreated and performed with sensitivity and assurance, as well as respect for the traditions and historical practices of the Renaissance and the early Baroque.


Divinum mysterium
Iucundare a 3
Iucundare a 4
Congaudeat turba fidelium
Angelus emittitur
Paranymphus adiens
Laus Virginis Nati sonat
Personent hodie
Zachaeus arboris ascendit
Verbum caro factus est
In dulci iubilo
Tempus adest floridum
Psallat fidelis concio
Psallat schollarum concio
Q quam mundum
Ramus virens olivarum
Dies est laeticiae
Cedit hiems eminus
Omnis mundus iucundetur
Iesu dulcis memoria
Resonet in laudibus
Puer natus in Bethlehem