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The Pianist's Dictionary

by Hinson, Maurice

The Pianist's Dictionary

MTNA 2005 Frances Clark Keyboard Pedagogy Award. An invaluable compact reference guide for every piano teacher, student, and performer. The Pianist's Dictionary is a handy and practical reference dictionary aimed specifically at pianists, teachers, students, and concertgoers. Prepared by Maurice ...

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The Pianist's Problems. A Modern Approach to Efficient Practice and Musicianly Performance

Fourth edition. With a foreword by Arthur Loesser. Illustrated by John V. Allcott. New preface by the author The reader must have noted in the favorite magazines of the practicing pianist how often the same troubled queries reappear: How can ...

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The Pianist's Repertoire: Haydn. A Graded Practical Guide

"The Pianist's Repertoire" is a series of comprehensive practical guides to the solo piano repertoire. These are the ultimate reference books for players at all levels: amateurs and proffesionals, students and teachers. Their main purpose is to help pianists in ...

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The Piano Handbook: Mastering Piano

The complete guide for appreciating and mastering the piano, its history, and its music--with a unique integrated approach to playing pop, jazz, and classical piano styles. Play, improvise, and compose in a variety of styles Includes full-color history of the ...

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The Piano in Chamber Ensemble. An Annotated Guide

by Hinson, Maurice; Roberts, Wesley

The Piano in Chamber Ensemble. An Annotated Guide

Second edition of a widely popular reference with descriptions of more than 3,200 chamber works by more than 1,600 composers. CONTENIDO: Preface to the Second Edition Preface to the First Edition Using the Guide Abbreviations Agents or Parent Companies of ...

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The Piano in Spain, from its introduction until Joaquín Turina

The 19th century -what many call the era of Spanish Romanticism- has arguably been dealt with the least. It was not until the later 20th and early 21st centuries that we gained sufficient historical perspective to re-examine and assess a ...

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The Piano Quartet and Quintet. Style, Structure, and Scoring

Designed as a companion volume to the author's acclaimed earlier study, The Piano Trio , this book surveys the development of the piano quartet and quintet from their beginnings in the mid-eighteenth century to the present day. CONTENIDO: 1. The ...

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The Piano trio: its history, technique, and repertoire

Over the centuries of its history the Piano Trio has gained a repertoire of exceptional size and richness, one which includes some of the greatest and most widely admired of all chamber works. This book, the first to be devoted ...

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The Russian Piano School. Russian Pianists and Moscow Conservatoire Professors on the Art of Piano

CONTENIDO Introduction A note on the authors Part one Technique and artistry Samuil Feinberg The road to artistry Alexander Goldenweiser Advice from a pianist and teacher Levoborin Some principles of pianoforte technique Konstantin Igumnov Some remarks on technique Grigorii Ginzburg ...

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Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns

A comprehensive reference book of scales and melodic patterns, arranged in the form of piano scales and melodic studies, but adaptable for all instruments. Enharmonic notation.

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De la A a la Z de un pianista: Un libro para amantes del piano
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Ilustraciones de Gottfried Wiegand. Un abecedario ideal escrito por un gran pianista: sabio, agudo, esclarecedor y personal. El vademécum de Alfred Brendel es un libro maravilloso para los amantes del piano, para el músico y para el aficionado. "Alfred Brendel ...

Ensayo sobre la técnica trascendente del piano
pvp.8.53 €

ÍNDICE -Prólogo, de Carlos Bosch. -Prefacio -Objeto de la técnica -El arte de estudiar -Técnica de la mecánica pura .Análisis de la dificultad específica .Desintegración consciente de todos los movimientos .Desintegración consciente de los reflejos motores .Puntos de apoyo o ...

Historia de la técnica pianística: un estudio sobre los grandes compositores y el arte de la interpretación en busca de la Ur-Technik
pvp.45.40 €

¿Existe la técnica «ideal»? La respuesta que el pianista y musicólogo italiano Luca Chiantore nos ofrece en este libro es contundente: cualquier interpretación es válida, siempre y cuando refleje un enfoque estético preciso. Pero entre las muchas opciones posibles hay ...

Manual de ejecución pianística y expresión
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Pequeño libro con una breve introducción a los conceptos principales de la interpretación pianística. CONTENIDO: - Preámbulo 1- Comienzo de los estudios 2- El piano 3- El asiento 4- Relajación 5- Mecanismo 6- Metrónomo 7- Fórmulas rítmicas 8- Rigidez de ...