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Piano Works Volume II
Piano Works Volume II.

Piano Works Volume II

  • ISBN: 979-0-2018-1194-9
  • Código del editor: HN 1194
  • Editorial: Henle Verlag
  • Colección: Urtext, Número 1194
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Formato: 23,5x31
  • Páginas: XVI+200
  • Idiomas: Inglés / Francés / Alemán
  • código del editor: HN 1194


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Claude Debussy: Obras para piano, vol. II.

Edición de / Edited by: Ernst-Günter Heinemann

Prefacios de / Prefaces by: François Lesure, Ernst-Günter Heinemann

Digitación de / Fingering by
Hans-Martin Theopold

To mark the 150th anniversary of Debussy’s birth in 2012, we are proud to present a tribute to his piano solo works in three volumes, available as a paperbound or a clothbound edition. As a publishing house whose main focus is on piano music, it was important for us to give a special place to the works of Claude Debussy, the innovator of piano style. Thus since the early 1980s we have steadily been publishing single editions of all of Debussy’s important works for the piano. Our editor Ernst-Günter Heinemann has worked closely with the French Debussy scholar François Lesure to present Debussy’s elaborate music in high quality Urtext editions. Beginning with the Danse bohémienne from 1880, all of the single works from our catalogue have been drawn together in these three volumes, arranged according to their date of composition. And as a little encore we have included the Prélude to the cantata La Damoiselle élue in volume I. Each of the three volumes contains true highlights for the piano. But the short and lesser known works also offer a glimpse at the modern classical composer Debussy from a different angle. In addition each volume contains a helpful glossary with all of Debussy’s often very vivid performance instructions translated into English and German. Bon anniversaire, Claude Debussy!


Vorwort / Preface / Préface

-Estampes L.108 (100)
-L'Isle joyeuse L.109 (106)
-Masques L.110 (105)
-D'un cahier d'esquisses L.112 (99)
-Morceau de concours L.117 (108)
-Children's Corner L.119 (113)
-Images, deuxième série L.120 (111)
-The Little Negro L.122 (114)
-Hommage à Haydn L.123 (115)
-Préludes, premier livre L.125 (117)
-La plus que lente. Valse L.128 (121)

Bemerkungen / Comments / Remarques

Übersetzung fer Vortrags- und Tempobezeichnungen / Translation of expression and tempo marks

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