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Norwegian Dances and Other Works for Piano. 9780486266695

Norwegian Dances and Other Works for Piano

Dover Publications. 1991

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  • EAN: 9780486266695
  • ISBN: 978-0-486-26669-5
  • Código del editor: DOV26669-9
  • Editorial: Dover Publications
  • Fecha de edición: 1991
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Dimensiones: 23x31
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Nº páginas: 224

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Edvard Grieg (1843-1907): Danzas noruegas y otras obras para piano.

The melodies, harmonies, moods and rhythms of Norwegian folk songs and dances-even the sounds -of old Norwegian folk instruments-inspired and filled the music of Edvard Grieg. These distinctive influences combined with the composer's deeply poetic nature and sensitive pianistic craft to produce a rich treasury of short compositions for piano.
Eighty of the best of these pieces have been selected for this outstanding collection. Among them are the well-known Four Norwegian Dances, Op. 35, the Scenes of Country Life, Op. 19, and the Ballade, Op. 24. Here, too, are the much-admired Slatter, Norwegian peasant dances Grieg arranged for piano from transcripts of country fiddle-playing, and music from two major stage works, Olav Trygvason and Sigurd Jorsalfar.

Unabridged Dover (1991) republication of portions of Klavierwerke, Vols.II and III, and the complete Slatter, published by C. F. Peters, Leipzig, n.d.


- Twenty-five norwegian folk songs and dances, Op. 17 (1869)
I: Springar
II: The Young Man Asked His Maiden
III: Springar
IV: Nils Tallefjorn, Proud Fellow
V: Jølstring
VI: Wedding Tune
VII: Halling
VIII: Oh, the Pig Had a Snout
IX: When My Eyes
X. Ole Once in Anger
XI: On the Dovrefjeld in Norway
XII: Solfager and the Snake King
XIII: Wedding Recessional March
XIV: I Sing with a Sorrowful Heart
XV: The Last Saturday Night
XVI: I Know of a Little Maiden
XVII: The Gadfly Said to the Fly
XVIII: Stumping Dance
IX: Hølje Dale
XX: Halling
XXI: The Woman from Setesdal
XXII: Cattle Call
XXIII: Did You See Anything of My Wife?
XXIV: Wedding Tune
XXV: The Ravens' Wedding in Kråkalund

- Scenes of country life, Op. 19 (1870-71; dedicated to J. P. E. Hartmann)
I: Mountain Dance,
II: The Bridal Proeession Passes
III: From the Carnival

- Ballade in the form of variations on a norwegian folk song, Op. 24 (1875-76)

- Improvisata on norwegian folk tunes, Op. 29 (1878; dedicated to Ida Aqvist)
I: The Boy and Girl in the Cow Barn
II: There Was Once a King

- Four norwegian dances, arr. of Op. 35 (1881)
I: Allegro marcato
II: Allegretto tranquillo e grazioso
III: Allegro moderato alla marcia
IV: Allegro molto

- Valses-caprices, arr. of Op. 37 (1887)
I: Tempo di Valse moderato
II: Tempo di Valse

- Prayer and Temple Dance from Olav Trygvason, arr. from Op. 50 (1893)

- Three orchestral pieces from Sigurd Jorsalfar, arr. of Op. S6 (1893)
I: Prelude
II: Intermezzo (Borghild's Dream)
III: Triumphal March

- Two nordic mrlodies, arr. of Op. 63 (1896; dedicated to His Excellency Fredrik Due)
I: In Folk Style
II: Cattle Can and Peasant Dance

- Nineteen norwegian folk tunes, Op. 66 (1896)
I: Cattle Call
II: It Is the Greatest Folly
III: A King Ruled in the East
IV: The Song of Siri Dale
V: It Was in My Youth
VI: Cattle CaU and Lullaby
VII: Lullaby
VIII: Cattle Call
IX: Small Was the Lad
X: Tomorrow You Shall Marry Her
XI: There Stood Two Girls
XII: Ranveig
XIII: A Little Gray Man
XIV: In Ola Valley, in Ola Lake
XV: Lullaby
XVI: Our Little Astrid
XVII: Lullaby
XVIII: I Wander Deep in Thought
XIX: Gjendine's Lullaby

- Slåtter (norwegian peasant dances), Op. 72 (1902-3; dedicated to Hermann Kretschmar)
I: Gibøen's Wedding March
II: Jon V æstafæ's Springar
III: Wedding March from Telemark
IV: Halling from the Gnomes' Hill
V: The Prillar from Os Parish (Springar)
VI: Myllarguten's Gangar
VII: RøtnamsK.nut (Halling)
VIII: Myllarguten's Wedding March
IX: Nils Rekve's Halling
X: Knut Luråsen's Halling I
XI: Knut Luråsen's Halling II
XII: Myllarguten's Springar
XIII: Havar Gibøen's Dream on the Oterholt Bridge (Springar)
XIV: The Goblins' Wedding Procession at Vossevangen (Gangar)
XV: The Skuldal Bride (Gangar)
XVI: The Maidens of Kivledal (Springar)
XVII: The Maidens of Kivledal (Gangar)

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