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Modern Course for the Piano, 2: The Second Grade Book. 9781783051489

Modern Course for the Piano, 2: The Second Grade Book

Willis Music Co.. 2013

Ficha técnica

  • EAN: 9781783051489
  • ISBN: 978-1-78305-148-9
  • Editorial: Willis Music Co.
  • Fecha de edición: 2013
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Dimensiones: 23x30,5
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Nº páginas: 90

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New revised edition.

Follows uninterruptedly and in progressive sequence the musical foundation developed by the "First Grade Book".

Stories and biographical sketches by Laurence B. Ellert.
Drawings by Doris and George Hauman.


-Thumb under 2nd finger: "In the Alps"
-What is light opera?: "On Yonder Rock Reclining" (Fra Diavolo)
-Second finger crossing thumb: "Hop O' My Thumb"
-Johann Sebastian Bach: "Menuet"
-Leger lines and leger spaces
-Chromatic progressions: "Round the Village"
-Signature of common time: "Country Gardens"
-What is the ballet?: "Dance of the Hours" (La Gioconda)
-Wrist staccato: "A Christmas Carol"
-The pedals of the piano
-Long and sustained pedal: "Distant bells" (Streabbog)
-The pedal with arpeggio groups: "Etude" (Duvernoy)
-The connected pedal: "In Church"
-A frolic in velocity (adapted from C. Czerny)
-Sustained and connected pedal: "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny"
-Thumb under 3r finger: "Reverie"
-Third finger crossing thumb: "Puck"
-Frédéric François Chopin: "Prelude in A Major"
-C major scale in contrary and parallel motion
-Variations on a theme: "Starlight Waltz"
-Teaching the minor scales
-The relative minor approach
-The parallel minor approach
-Major and minor modes: "A Journey in the Arctic"
-Fourth finger crossing thumb: "The Sky Pilot"
-Melodic minor scale: "Hide and Seek"
-Study in smooth finger legato: "The Gipsy Camp"
-What is grand opera?: "Minuet" (Don Juan)
-The mazurka: "A Little Polish Dance"
-Sostenuto: "The Hare and the Hounds"
-Hand expansion: "Off We Go" (Streabbog)
-Up-arm stroke: "Dark Eyes" (Russian Folk-Song)
-Cadence chords
-Chord analysis and writing exercise: "Etude"
-The dominant-seventh chord
-Ludwig van Beethoven: "Romanze"
-Signature of alla breve: "Scherzino"
-Franz Liszt: Theme from "A Dream of Love"
-Contrast in mood: "A Little Slavonic Rhapsody"
-What is oratorio?: "Hallelujah Chorus" (Messiah)
-Tarantella: "Skipping Through the Forest"
-Arpeggio: "The Rolling Attack"
-Arpeggio: "Etudes" (Berens and Czerny)
-Arpeggio variation: "Hinkey, Dinkey, Parley Voo"
-Melody playing: "Deep River"
-Cross-hands: "Moths" (scherzino)
-Triplets: "Grandpapa Jonathan"
-Georges Bizet: "Habanera" (Carmen)
-Staccato: "The Bee and the Clover"
-Broken chords in triplets: "A Trial Flight"
-The trill
-Trill study: "The Nightingale and the Cuckoo"
-Staccato and trill: "Two Guitars" (Russian Gipsy song)
-Sign trill: "Song of the Birds"
-Jacques Offenbach: "Barcarolle" (Tales of Hoffmann)
-Franz Joseph Haydn: Theme from "Gipsy Rondo"
-Singing tone: "A Viennese Melody"
-Rotary attack: "March of the Gnomes"
-Scale fingering chart (major and minor)
-The three minor forms (natural, melodic, harmonic)
-Glossary of musical terms used in this book
-Technical drills
-Certificate of merit

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