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The 21st Century Singer. Bridging the Gap Between the University and the World
The 21st Century Singer. Bridging the Gap Between the University and the World.

The 21st Century Singer. Bridging the Gap Between the University and the World

  • ISBN: 978-0-19-936428-2
  • Editorial: Oxford University Press
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Formato: 15x23
  • Páginas: 272
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Tipo: LIBRO


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- Includes exercises in both practical planning and introspection
- A holistic approach to professional development for classical singers new to the job market
- Reframes the field of singing and highlights new career paths

The vast majority of singers with a degree in performance are un- or under-employed in their field. Despite the fact that talented singers are discovered every day, there are far too few jobs in the field of classical music to accommodate all of them, a problem evidenced by regular reports of opera companies and symphony orchestras closing their doors. Young classical singers, particularly recent graduates of music programs, need not only artistic ability, but also intelligence and an acute business sense to navigate the world of professional singing.

In The 21st-Century Singer: Bridging the Gap Between the University and the World, author Susan Mohini Kane has created a user-friendly guide for these recent graduates. Kane combines the benefits of an instructional manual with those of a self-reflective workbook to provide emerging classical singers with both practical and inspirational advice. She begins with a section on self-evaluation, allowing readers to define what motivates their desire to sing professionally and reflect on their passions, before moving on to career advice. In the sections that follow, Kane presents a variety of career paths, such as singing, teaching, and consulting-realistic alternatives to the rise to stardom as an "overnight sensation" that so few will experience-and provides the reader with the tools to develop a concrete plan for whichever path they decide to pursue. Other sections offer instruction on how to develop support systems, train oneself holistically, and take advantage of the newest technological resources available for professional self-promotion. With its dual emphasis on artistic motivation and modern-day business sense, The 21st-Century Singer will prove an essential text for anyone pursuing a professional singing career.


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Introduction: A Brave New World
The University and the Stage
The Problem
Paradigm Shift
Willingness to Innovate

- Chapter One: First Impressions: Taking inventory, Taking Auditions
Part I: Taking Inventory of Skills
Performance, Business, & Personal Skills Assessment
Repertoire Assessment
Performing Assessment
Handling Success & Rejection Assessment

Part II: Taking Inventory of Support Teams and Resources
Skills Support Team
Mind, Body, & Spirit Support Team
Financial & Business Support Team
Social & Community Support Team
Inner Circle

Part III: Taking Auditions
What is Under My Control?
What's my Larger Reason for Auditioning?

- Chapter Two: Inner Compass: Singing with Purpose and Destination So You Won't Quit
Part I: Your Purpose/Mission
Excavating Your Calling
Personal Truth
Ideal Day
Balanced Life Goals
Finding Direction: Artist's Mission Statement

Part II: Your Work and Its Destination
Your Product or Act
Finding Your Mandate
Reframing Your Singing as Service
Singing Products and Services
Singing Matters to the Most Unlikely People
Coming of Age: Public Launch Event

Part III: "Making It"
Take the Focus off Dollars
Positive Affirmation
Practice Feeling Good
Service and Gratitude

- Chapter Three: Innovative Stages: Trend Spotting, Finding Your Niche
Part I: Bright Spots and Trend Spotting
Bright Spots
Current Trends
Free-lance Artist and Entrepreneur
Career as Service

Part II: Finding Your Niche
The Traditional Artist's Path
Summer Opera Programs
Graduate School
Young Artist Programs
Audition Season
Opera Jobs in the US and Europe (Also Try Canada)
Carving Out Your Niche
Professional Chorus/Opera Chorus
The Teaching Artist's Path
Educational Outreach
Voice Teacher
The Independent Artist's Path
The Artist as Entrepreneur
Non-traditional Venues
Making the World a Better Place
Non-Traditional Act
Fundraising and Business Issues
The Specialized Artist's Path
Churches and Synagogues
US Government
Local Government
Cruise Ships
Hospitals and Nursing Homes
Hospice Care
Corporations and Private Parties
Recording Companies
Museums and Libraries
Your Own Niche
Give It the Old College Try

- Chapter Four: A Living: Added Value, Authentic Image, Strategic Plan
Part I: Added Value to Your Singing
Vehicle Maintenance Adds Longevity
Truth and Beauty Add Integrity
Right-Side-Up Thinking Adds Stability
Logging your 10,000 Hours Adds Experience
Honing Your Skills Adds Quality
Engaging Your Audiences Adds Depth

Part II: Professional Public Image
Learn to Speak Well of Your Self and Your Work
Audition, Interview and Pitch Materials
Professional and Social Networking
Conscious Self-Promotion
Social Networking Sites
Age and Tech Savvy Considerations
21st Century Materials

Part III: Strategic Five-Year Plan
Step 1: Visualize Yourself Five Years from Now
Be Specific
From Dreams into Reality
Maintaining Success
Step 2: Three-Year Goals-Medium Range Goals
Yearly Schedule
Step 3: One-Year Goals
Monthly Schedule
Step 4: Where Can I Be in Six Months?
Step 5: Where Can I Be in One Month?
Weekly Schedule
Step 6: What Can I Do By Friday?
This is Just the Beginning

Appendix A: Evaluator Note
Appendix B: Young Artist Programs
Appendix C: Career Summaries
Appendix D: Values Checklist


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