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Cristóbal de Morales: Sources, Influences, Reception
Cristóbal de Morales: Sources, Influences, Reception.

Cristóbal de Morales: Sources, Influences, Reception


  • ISBN: 978-1-84383-311-6
  • Editorial: Boydell Press
  • Colección: Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music, Número 6
  • Encuadernación: Cartoné
  • Formato: 15,5x23,5
  • Páginas: 478
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Tipo: LIBRO


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Cristóbal de Morales was the most famous Spanish composer of the mid sixteenth century. His music was known internationally during his lifetime. He was eulogized by contemporary writers, and his fame and influence remained significant in the seventeenth century: sixty years after his death, he was still regarded as one of the finest composers of sacred polyphony. His repertory includes over twenty Masses and a very large number of motets and works in other sacred genres.

This wide-ranging volume examines numerous aspects of the composer's works, and the Spanish and other contexts within which they were composed and received. Topics covered include sources, newly uncovered works and issues of authorship, musical traditions in Spain and elsewhere, the transmission and reception of Morales's music in Spain, Northern Europe and the New World, patterns of influence and emulation involving Morales and other composers, and modern perceptions of Morales and his music. The book also provides the first comprehensive published list of the composer's works and their sources.


Landmark: Contributions to Cristóbal de Morales Scholarship (Robert Stevenson)
1. The Nuevo rezado, Music Scribes, and the Restoration of Morales's Toledo Lamentation (Graeme Skinner)
2. Two Early Morales Magnificat Settings (Kenneth Kreitner)
3. Morales, Spanish Traditions, Liturgical Works, and the Problem of Style (Grayson Wagstaff)
4. Morales' Contribution to the Pange lingua Tradition and an Anonymous Tantum ergo (Bernadette Nelson)
5. Another Look at Polyphonic Borrowing: Morales, the Missa Quem dicunt homines, and the Missa Vulnerasti cor meum (Alison McFarland)
6. Multi-layered Models: Compositional Approaches in the 1540s to Si bona suscepimus (Cristle Collins Judd)
7. Multiple Layers of Borrowing in Sancta Maria Motets by Morales and his Contemporaries (Stephen Rice)
8. Morales in Print: Distribution and Ownership in Renaissance Spain (Tess Knighton)
9. Morales at the Periphery: Dissemination of Motets in France, Germany, and the Low Countries (Martin Ham)
10. Morales's Voice in the Viceroyalties (Robert Stevenson)
11. Cristóbal de Morales: A Problem of Musical Mysticism and National Identity in the Historiography of the Renaissance (Emilio Ros Fábregas)
12. Editing Cristóbal de Morales's Masses Today (Cristina Urchueguía)
13. Morales: The Canon (Martin Ham)

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