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A Concise History of Music
A Concise History of Music.

A Concise History of Music


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Henry George Bonavia Hunt (1847–1917) is best remembered as the founder of Trinity College of Music, London, which had grown out of the Church Choral Society he had established in 1872. A talented preacher and choirmaster, he also edited several popular journals, composed, and served as a lecturer in music history for the University of London between 1900 and 1906.
This popular textbook, first published in 1878 and reissued here in its revised third edition of 1879, is a systematic study of musical history for easy assimilation by students. It presents an overview of musical epochs, with each paragraph classified according to nationality, thus allowing the musical history of specific countries to be followed.
In addition to chronological tables covering major composers and musical events, the work also includes a summary of the development of music as an art. This is followed by more than 200 sample examination questions.