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Fast Track, music instruction: Harmonica, 2

by Downing, Doug; Neely, Blake

portada del Libro: Fast Track, music instruction: Harmonica, 2


ISBN: 978-0-6340-9644-0
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Year: 2007
Collection: Fast Track
Binding: Rústica
Size: 23x30
pages 48
Languages: Inglés

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Book Summary

Fast Track, enseñanza musical: Armónica, 2; para armónica diatónica en Do.

You've been through Fast Track Harmonica 1 several times, and you're ready for more... You came the right place! Continuing with the FastTrack series is a great (not to mention fun) way to expand your playing.

Can't imagine what's left to learn? Fast Track Harmonica 2 begins right where Harmonica 1 ended. You'll learn more notes, rhythms, dynamics, cool new techniques, different musical styles, and much more.

-More rhythms
-Advanced techniques
-Additional keys
-Dynamic and expressive playing
-Equipment essentials
-89 songs and examples
-Chromatic harp techniques


About the Cd
A quick reminder
1. Let's get the blues!
2. Draw bends and tongue blocking
3. Blow bends
4. Using harps in different keys
5. Playin' the blues
6. Jamming: minor keys
7. Amplified harmonica
8. Overblows and overdraws
9. The chromatic harmonica
10. Strike up the band...

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